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The infamous Trump Tower meeting between a Russian lobbyist and the President’s son Donald Jr in 2016 was a total NOTHING BURGER. But of course the MSM totally sensationalized it, and while Kaine ignored his runningmate Hillary’s Uranium Russia collusion — he claimed Trump Jr doing opposition research was “treason”. TOTAL JOKE.

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TIM KAINE LOGIC: Trump Jr meeting with some Russian lobbyist and lawyer that Hillary sent to try and scam him is TREASONOUS .. but Hillary empowering Russia’s NUCLEAR PROGRAM MAJORLY for her personal enrichment is NOT.

A just released transcript shows that the Russian lobbyist who lied to Trump Jr about having information that could potentially prove Hillary Clinton’s corruption and evil deeds even further — is an associate of Hillary and her campaign staff.

The MSM made a big hullaballoo over this and claimed Trump Jr was working with Russia to smear Hillary. But when the emails were released by Trump Jr to the public to prove his innocence, the MSM knew they failed once again with their fake news sensationalism.

“I knew [Clinton]; I knew some people who worked on her campaign,” the lobbyist, Rinat Akhmetshin, told the Senate Judiciary Committee in closed-door testimony on Nov. 14.


The Russian lobbyist Rinat Akhmetshin also told the Senate Judiciary Committee that his attorney was closely associated with Hillary and knew her well. Akhmetshin’s attorney Edward Lieberman’s wife is a personal friend and former confidante of Hillary. The Russian lobbyist also said he isn’t a fan of Trump’s family (obviously because Trump Jr left the meeting after a few minutes once he realized it was a set-up by the Dems).

The Russian lawyer who was in the meeting with Trump Jr in 2016 says she has no ties to the Kremlin and Putin despite MSM claiming so without proof. She did say she was an informant for the Russian gov’t. It’s also been exposed that FUSION GPS (which is funded by OBAMA, HILLARY and also the company responsible for the fake pissgate dossier) met with the Russian lawyer  Natalia Veselnitskaya mere hours before she met with Trump Jr. And then after the meeting she met with FUSION GPS again to inform them of what happened. And also it’s come out the entire memo sent to Trump Jr was completely made by FUSION GPS. The entire Democrat Party tried and failed to set Trump Jr up in 2016 and now it’s all falling apart along with the entire RUSSIA-TRUMP COLLUSION Crackpot Conspiracy Theory.