Former FBI director James Comey waged a war on President Trump from the start. While the left and their propaganda machine will always try to invert reality by blaming Comey for Hillary’s total failure at winning the 2016 presidential election, it’s totally proven that Comey was anti-Trump from the get-go as he was admittedly leaking info on Trump’s administration. Comey was cornered and basically had to admit he was waging seditious war against President Trump by leaking. Comey’s leaking ways fueled the MSM with the disinformation they needed to slander Trump more and more. MSM will always lie as their owned by the NWO elites, but when you have people like Comey helping you — it makes the MSM’s job easier to wage war on truth and patriotic men such as Trump).

In the midst of Comey’s upcoming anti-Trump book releasal (which Paul Ryan basically endorsed like the corrupt, dishonest, wishy-washy, cowardly weasel he is), Comey sat down for an interview with USA Today.

When asked to talk about the text messages between two DOJ employees (Peter Strzok and Lisa Page) that were caught plotting against President Trump in 2016 texts, Comey admitted they should have used better judgment. Why Comey doesn’t disavow blatant “secret society” sedition against Trump is beyond me, but Comey basically said that Strzok and Page should have plotted against President Trump in a more secure manner as opposed to texting. Strzok and Page’s text messages totally show DOJ deep state sedition against Trump, yet Comey didn’t disavow it whatsoever. Instead he just said it was not a good idea for them to discuss their plans through texts.


Just like Hillary Clinton’s boatload of a bajillion emails disappeared when she was told to turn them in to prove she didn’t hurt national security (along with some smashed up phones ), the FBI magically “lost” pages of texts between the two anti-Trump deep state saboteurs Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. I guarantee you Comey knows what happened to the rest of the damning texts.


“I had no idea. It really bugs me. I think it’s terrible judgment.”

-Former FBI Director James Comey when asked about the seditious / anti-Trump texts sent between DOJ officials

Comey also said it’s “terrible” that Peter Strzok and Lisa Page used his department’s phones (FBI phones) to ‘bad-mouth’ political candidates. Well Comey for one thing, all you said is that it’s terrible they used the FBI phones to plot against Trump. You didn’t disavow their seditious plans against Trump, instead you disavowed how they planned their anti-Trump sabotages. Comey just never stops exposing himself for the snake he is. Also Comey, they were not “bad-mouthing candidates”, they were specifically planning ways to sabotage President Donald Trump and discussing their ‘secret society’ (aka the deep state). Comey is  more like a truth-bending, lying, conniving, ignorant-acting politician and definitely not a “man of integrity” like failure Paul Ryan claims he is.

Paul Ryan and James Comey are both soy-boys who are puppetted around by the NWO. They are two buffoons who think they are truly important when in fact they’re just pawns of the satanic elite. Plus both men married obviously crazy women, as Ryan’s wife is a Soros-affiliate and Comey’s wife is a Hillary fan. These are the type of twisted idiots in our government. Paul Ryan and James Comey are just the top of the iceberg. Trump’s draining the swamp to the best of his ability.


Comey is unabashedly anti-Trump and total NWO operative. He doesn’t even wanna try to cover up his tracks. Despite all the corruption and leaking, he still deludes himself and others with the MSM’s help into believing he is a righteous man. Folks, he’s the opposite of integrity. Comey is a delusional fool.

Comey also sat down with anti-Trump ABC News and was thrown a softball interviewer to question him, Clinton-lover George Stephanoppoulous. Click here to check out the bullshit he spewed. But if you don’t want check it out, I don’t blame you for not wanting to listen to two globalist Hillary-cultists act as if they are doing a real interview that wasn’t pre-rehearsed)