There’s a massive Senate election coming up for Alabama between Luther Strange (tallest Senator in US history) and Roy Moore. Both are GOP and support the Trump agenda. But there are signs of major weakness in Luther Strange. These weaknesses don’t show him as a closet Democrat / globalist operative to me — but it shows he is weak-willed .. And a weak will is something we cannot afford in this test of will versus the Globalists. Strange is a former lobbyist and is a total RINO.

Strange is set to have POTUS Trump and VP Pence officially endorse him publicly tomorrow at a massive rally in Alabama. Despite Trump’s endorsement, Roy Moore is neck and neck in polling with Strange. Patriotic former governor of Alaska / American icon Sarah Palin endorsed and is campaigning for Moore in Alabama. Palin reminded Moore’s supporters that a vote for Moore is not anti-Trump but is pro-MAGA! Dr Gorka also supports Moore. Also Strange disrespectfully mocked Bannon and Gorka 



Here is why Trump should have endorsed Moore:

  • Moore is well aware of the New World Order and has been threatened by them. Moore, a Vietnam Vet, was a victim of the NWO when they decided to send him to Vietnam and endure all the violence that should not have been (US government pulled false flag to justifty invasion of Vietnam) — therefore he understands the NWO and why we must quit the TYRANNICAL invasions for no reason (Trump agrees)
  • Moore knows that Obama is a Kenyan-born Muslim radical who faked his birth certificate. Just like Trump, Moore has not been afraid to expose Obama for the globalist puppet/Islamic sleeper cell/non-citizen illegal POTUS that he is. Trump pioneered the movement to get Obama to show birth certificate, and got him to do it. But now we know it was a fraudulent certificate (study by experts prove it)
  • He is not a weak cuck on amnesty like Strange is
  • Luther Strange seems like a phony deep inside. Strange did not seem truthful when he claimed he and Trump were amazing friends. Luther came out at beginning of 3rd debate last night and bragged that Trump endorsed him and said him and Trump are “both people of accomplishment” and have “sorta bonded”..           well that does not sound really convincing that he trusts you, if you just “sorta” understood each other. Strange is a good person I  believe but he seems like a RINO Swamp type and his weaknesses show it.  Strange’s weaknesses are glaring. Strange is financed and linked to pro-amnesty businesses and donors (just like McConell and Paul Ryan).  ALIPAC supports Moore.

Bill Gheen, ALIPAC‘s founder, promptly endorsed Moore:


ALIPAC is a grass-roots group which helped defeat amnesty pushes by President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama. It also helped the primary defeat of GOP Majority Leader Eric Cantor in June 2014.

“This is the first clearly drawn line” between Strange and Moore, Gheen told Breitbart News. It has “just given us the contrast between Moore and Strange,” he added. The group will not use its extensive membership list to encourage support for Moore, Gheen said.

  • Moore seems tougher and more thick-skinned and more genuine. Strange would be a senator who would be all for Paul Ryan and McConnell once he got to DC. Moore would be a senator to raise hell and back Trump against the globalist operatives in the GOP .. Trump is probably endorsing Strange because he knows he isn’t a bad person & just doesn’t want to be black balled by GOP Congress if he refused to endorse Strange