St Andrews Catholic Church in London just hosted a fashion show where models wore demonic looking fashion & actually had devil horns as well.

Look at the caption of the Instagram pic above: ‘Devil’ .. this is the type of black mass occultic satanism openly being promoted in a church. Whoever goes to this church in London, you better quit going now. Your own church leadership just sold your whole temple to Christ out to the devil for some whore-show.

Caption: ‘Lucifer’


We know the Catholic Church is ran by a closet Satanist/pedophile radical Pope Francis .. and this fashion show just reconfirms the total Luciferian occultic takeover of the Catholic Church.MEME-EVIL-VATICAN.jpg Sadly, the elite think you are so brainwashed and stupid that you will never even bat an eye at such Satanic aesthetics, fashion, and imagery desecrating a church for it’s supermodels. Sickening.


The backdrop is basically a mish-mash of Masonic-inspired imagery. On each side are the Masonic twin pillars. Between the pillars is the letter G inside an inverted pentagram. Underneath it is the all-seeing eye inside a hexagram. There is also the Masonic square and compass in there. To top it off, the runway was a checkerboard pattern. Here’s a classic Masonic painting for comparison.

(The Vigilante Citizen has an extraordinary breakdown of the Illuminati imagery & exposes the Satanic art down all over. It exposes this show like nothing you’ll ever read. Click here)

If you live in London than go and protest the church for allowing this satanic supermodel garbage to infest a church building they claim to be a temple to Christ. They just defiled something holy and now act like it is not a big deal. NO, IT IS A BIG DEAL. You people who run the damn church claim Christianity but you are SATANISTS AT A PRIMAL ROOT to allow this immorality and Satanism to be hosted in a church building. Undoubtedly the Holy Ghost removed it’s presence from the building and the area after that blatant show of devil worship. And anyone reading needs to call this church or write on their Facebook page your thoughts about this over the top satanism they allowed

Read more here and stay awake to the NWO Satanic takeover!