The globalist MSM is not based in reality any longer, they lie and misinform the public. The evidence is in WikiLeaks, policies, documents, UN agendas. But pure logicality and common sense is all that is needed to see through the Orwellian liberal propaganda on MSM.


What’s ridiculous is the SAME MSM NETWORKS that have been caught lying repeatedly to push the NWO’s agenda –claims that Russian news Network RT is propaganda because of it’s connections with the Kremlin. Yet we are supposed to believe Voice of America (admittedly ran by US gov’t) isn’t propaganda when it says the same bullshit that MSM does?

RT News is fair and the information that they discover  and report is sickeningly accurate.

They expose the war crimes of the Saudis, they talk about organic food and why it is essential, and actually base it’s reports in reality! It doesn’t have a hard-on for Trump like the lying MSM says they do.. RT sometimes criticizes Trump and  praises him as well.


RT also doesn’t bow to the Kremlin just because it uses sources in the Kremlin to get info on developing stories .. RT News is a source used by top educated analysts across the world who are in tune with reality and know that an NWO global government system is rising.

RT is deemed as a far right website when it’s obviously neutral, due to it’s commitment to facts.


Now the popular Russia Insider blog is a total deceiver. It is not connected with any Kremlin people or other groups… It just has an odd purpose to  bending facts.


For example, despite MSM propaganda networks condemning Trump’s anti-NWO speech at UN and Russia — and despite the speech calling for sovereign countries, the Russia Insider website totally didn’t understand any of the speech .. whether it’s because they are just writing propaganda or they are that fucking dumb, RUSSIA INSIDER DID NOT GET THE MESSAGE!

One of their articles titled

‘Trump’s UN Speech Reveals US Subservience to Israel and Saudis’

Was filled with such dishonesty that it’s over the top. If anything Trump removed any US gov’t globalist servitude during his speech.

It’s amazing how Russia Insider thinks Trump showed subservience to Israel just because Netanyahu praised the speech, but the Russia Insider totally ignored Putin giving Netanyahu a special copy of the Holy Bible earlier this year as a gift ..



Russia Insider ignored that story and then put out this Bible bashing headline:


You would have to be lobotomized if you relied on Russia Insider. They have had a few good reports I’ve seen , but 70% of it is pure bullshit!

But back to this article, they attack him for everything he said — even though the Russia Foreign Defense minister loved Trump’s speech — and they even try and claim Trump has sold out to the Saudis (untrue):

What makes this even funnier is how hard Trump originally ran against the Sauds, who, it is well known, were joined to the Bush family at the hip. Now it looks like they have grabbed Trump by the pussy.

One laugh-out-loud moment of Trump’s speech was when he said:

“It is a massive source of embarrassment to the United Nations that some governments with egregious human rights records sit on the U.N. Human Rights Council.”

Surely he didn’t mean his Saudi friends, as elsewhere in the speech he mentioned Saudi Arabia and then said:

“The United States and our allies are working together throughout the Middle East to crush the loser terrorists and stop the reemergence of safe havens they use to launch attacks on all of our people.”

Okay , did you notice how these attacks on Trump’s speech have no evidence behind them? He says Trump has Saudi friends? No he doesn’t, the Saudis donated to Hillary and tried to stop Trump — knowing he was going to expose them and stop helping them fund terror. Trump has stopped helping the Saudis fund terrorism to a large extent but he is surrounded by DC swamp creatures without any patriots.

Notice the article also said Trump mentioned Saudi Arabia in the speech by referencing this statement:


All Trump fucking said was the US and allies are taking out Islamic Jihadists and not funding them anymore. Trump quit allowing the globalists funding of ISIS , immediately when he got the chance to.. the statement did not mention Saudi Arabia or any allies in specific so the Russia Insider really falls short at the point they were trying to make. If anything, POTUS Trump demonized the Saudis!




It takes the US government’s and globalists’ destructive agenda and claims Trump is apart of it(just because he inherited it when elected and is now trying to put in a true patriotic agenda). That’s the basis of the Russia Insider Satire website!!


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