nasafindshea issued a very detailed scientific report, proving that the US government purposefully created the lethal Hurricane Harvey. Hurricane Harvey is a massive  category 4 hurricane storm that has totally raped Texas and killed many. The storm may be slowly dying but it still is undoubtedly dangerous. The aftermath of the storm is perilous as we see the storm’s terrestrial tornadoes keep destructing and causing evacuations.


Bombshell Study Revealed(

Looking at the SSEC Watervapor map on a 28 hour loop, we see that hurricane Harvey was being targeted with microwave RF sufficient to temporarily destroy the eyewall’s organization at two separate times in this loop as the storm advanced in a Northeast path toward Texas. In the previous two videos we show the distinct markings of the microwave transmitter targeting Harvey, superheating various areas near its center which generate pressure waves and ‘blast’ patterns while disrupting the convective process in the storm.

Ladies and gentlemen, did you really read that very carefully? Because I beg of you to please take a deep breath and reread that and realize that analysis has totally blown a gaping hole wide open in the NWO control freaks and prove they are artificially causing horrid disasters such as Hurricane Harvey. The analysis footage shows that weather weapons were totally manipulating a storm and turning it into a total disastrous hurricane by targeting it with chemicals that tear it apart and cause a bigger storm and make it into a hurricane. Those chemicals don’t just appear out of the damn atmosphere, natural hurricanes do not start with this. Artificially created hurricanes are made by Globalist Satanic Elite billionaires using elite scientific technology that they have greedily kept to themselves because the NWO does not want you having the tech they have. The analysis in it’s full details is undebatable, the info is there.


Why would the elite do this? Because they hate Trump and Soros has been caught holding stocks for weeks even though they’re making him lose money, but we know why the mega-billionaire NWO eugenicist George Soros is doing it. Because that Nazi-aiding demonic dark lord Soros is holding his stocks and letting it inflate, and his other billionaire NWO friends are also, and they are waiting for a crisis time in the US so then they can pull their stocks and wreck Trump’s booming economy — and due to the crisis, the economic collapse will be blamed ob Trump and the current crisis and no one will notice that the NWO pulled their massive stocks.

The federal reserve with the deep state is planning the artificial collapse of the Trump economy, and are working out a total game-plan with the NWO elite. There is word that the NWO is waiting for Trump to shut down the government once the RINOs (traitors / fake Republicans) vote against the extremely necessary border wall. The NWO planned this and knew Trump might actually shut down the government if the GOP colleagues refused to build the essential border wall, and the people against the wall are TOTAL NEW WORLD ORDER PUPPETS.


NWO Monster George Soros sinisterly wished Trump presidency would cause stock market failure, but it was the opposite!


If Trump is completely suckered into shutting down the federal government in response to the globalist closet Democrats in his party (RINOs) and their opposition to the wall, then he would be falling into the NWO’s trap and that’s when the NWO elite would pull their inflated stocks and cause a TEMPORARY BUT HURTFUL AND SCARY stock market free-fall.

And combine that with the federal reserve planning their own treasonous economic Terroristic Sabotage. They are going to purposefully wreck the economy to make Trump’s government shutdown look like it screwed everything up when it was really the globalist elite (who are pissed the hell off after they arrogantly said Trump economy would fail & it’s statistically on it’s way to being the best economic results under a presidency thus far).


So what I am saying, a massive societal Terroristic artificial hurricane made by a NWO weather weapon, is total damage to the economy and begin to hurt Trump economy.

Please spread my article so people realize the information which 100% proves that Hurricane Harvey was artificially created by elite to score significant damage on seemingly unstoppable Trump economic surge! CNN won’t tell you about the totally proven weather manipulation which purposely created this demonically violent hurricane Harvey. 

Another reason why the NWO created Hurricane Harvey could be to test and make sure their still SO AMAZING and SO GODLIKE that they can create weather disasters and kill people.

Another reason why the NWO is doing this is just for fun , as they are all on power trips with their imperialistic fascist globalist technotronic tyrannical takeover plan working so amazingly and now approaching the final minutes of the 4th quarter (metaphorically).

So the manufactured artificial Hurricane Harvey could have been made by the NWO for any of those three reasons, people.

So I know this information is just overwhelming. And I understand that the globalists have entranced so many mentalities that brains have become so numb to propaganda — which means if you try and awaken a fellow human in the zombified trance, they’ll most likely look at you like you are three-headed Jupiter jet pilot and laugh at you whole calling you a conspiracy theorist. Well these people are mentally ill. The TV flicker rates have taken over their subconscious and made them total jellyfish who are propaganda-believing, mentally weak people with a spirit that is drained. The GMOs and the fluoride and the overloaded giant vaccinations with way too many carcinogens and other cancerous / flu-like elements in there to physically damage you internally. All of that stuff has made our fellow human beings become desensitized to being a pussy bitch and not standing up against tyrants and made humans forget they have a spirit and forget about God and when you do that you never feel providence or the Holy Spirit, because the globalist NWO system has blocked your senses from that to the furthest extent they could with brainwashing distractions. So it is hard to address someone about this but what you must do is show them the facts carefully and hope they do their own studious research so they do not have ant doubts about the New World Fuckin Order and their evil plan for global enslavement, and eventual human extinction as the elite slowly depopulate humanity year by year. And don’t tell me I am a look because I am the only wild-eyed, spiritually alive man left around here who has broken out of the The trance. Once you assess the truth for yourself, you will see I am not looking but you are the look for being cognitively numb to the truth when it’s hitting you in the mouth. All because of the NWO brainwashing … I mean if you do not believe that humanity is on its way to extinction at a rapid rate — then explain these bombshell studies all coming up with same conclusions. Male sperm counts down over 50% globally and that means if it continues (GMO rewiring your DNA with artificial nutrients and obesity rates continuing to get hither as it’s true obesity means less testosterone and if cellular devices and laptops keep cooking our sperm as the NWO purposely designed it to as a Trojan Horse), family lines will stop due to infertility bedauee if your dad has low sperm count — you might inherit even lower sperm count than him, and that leads down the lineage until your genetics and Testes have been suicide-bombed by the New World Order’s feminization chemical. Therefore stopping reproduction .. this is where humans end folk. We are on the final stretch until we run into our grave-hole and DIE AS A SPECIES.

So to awaken people to the NWO,  do it calmly as possible and with indisputable evidence which proves the NWO. And specifically to awaken people to weather weaponry and how the world’s elite evil NWO leaders love to use it and laugh as you suffer, take studies and research and scientific experts’ explanations and reveal documents and reveal the US military admits they can control weather when they want and start a bad storm or disaster. That’s how you awaken people … By showing them factual proof and scientific confirmation, along with globalists’ books and leaked emails and manifestos where they write about this shit.

Yes the US military secretly does cause bad weather to damage us when commanded by NWO officials in their ranks. The US military admittedly used weather weapons in Vietnam War. This isn’t a conspiracy , these are purebred facts from history and today.

To learn more of government Terroristic weather weaponry, along with the poison you are constantly being given as a consumer — visit Natural News. True science and top expert research.