President Trump is fighting NWO leftwing propaganda (aka today’s media) so wherever he goes, zombified liberals follow and riot… But at the Boy Scouts Jamboree, the US President was welcomed by fellow patriots of all ages…

So Obama and liberals can force BoyScouts to welcome trannies and force Christians to bake for gay weddings , but now Trump is bad for pushing an agenda by saying Obamacare is getting repealed a boy scout event ?? Whatever , liberal media!

You see, the left can stop free speech where it wants and the media defends it. But Trump takes free speech anywhere he wants and is hated for it. Sad.

The Boy Scouts (obviously not an organization for Marxist liberals that need safe spaces) are pretty conservative it seems. They open each meeting with the US pledge and learn the Constitution and do cool masculine American stuff … They learn skills .. I would say they don’t care much about who they offend when they speak , because they are too busy shooting shit up and doing fun manly shit and learning archery and camping and survival skills and shooting skills….

of course , the MSM saw the Scout uniforms and heard Trump speak about his America First agenda — and they made a connection no one besides paranoid loons would .. that the setting vaguely resembled a Hitler speech to Nazi uniformed boys…

Propaganda. So sad.

You know what else looks like a Hitler speech it you are paranoid enough ? About anything lol

Oh wait, Gaga is actually wearing a Nazi uniform. That’s kinda weird.

Mark Dice breaks down the speech: