Mr President , you are going to be taken out by the NWO deep state sir. I pray not.  But just in case, please release the 9/11 info that you can so you awaken more masses.
What I am calling for, Mr President, are the sealed reports of all those guilty of  9/11 attack  … and any other bombshell info that is obviously in the Pentagon or DC somewhere .. you know that there are secret tapes and transcripts from BUSH ADMINISTRATION years ago which prove they orchestrated 9/11. President Trump, release all you can . .
” If Washington died before Colonists could run off the Brits — then the colonists would have failed. If Trump dies before vanquishing all NWO in the US Gov’t, then we will fail.”-Trent H. Waller
Now that I’ve asked Trump to do his best to reveal all 9/11 info to public, I will honor that by looking at some amazing moments of Trump’s past which prove he was only guy one step ahead of the NWO in their 9/11 plan.. Trump saw through it all and still does.


Before anyone else even mentioned it, Trump determined the towers could have only fell if bombs were on the towers…. It’s one thing to say that today, but Trump said it like a day after it happened…


Trump, due to his genius understanding of building and architecture, quickly realized that the planes by themselves we’re not enough to collapse towers .. Trump, in this incredible footage, expertly summarizes how the WTC was built and why two planes alone could not collapse the structure.

-Trump on Muslims celebrating in NYC as towers were hit. The globalist MSM viciously attacked Trump for his claim and it seemed like everyone was hounding him for telling the truth. Eventually , news reports from 2001 showed proof that Muslims celebrated the attack in NYC. Trump was proven right

(Muslims around the world celebrated while WTC attack occurred)

-Trump exposed A LOT on Bush family and their role in 9/11

At a GOP Debate in February of 2016, Trump said absolutely everything that he

possibly could  (to get people  to see how much  Bush is at fault for 9/11) without getting killed immediately after debate by NWO.

Trump discussed how Bush allowed his buddies the Bin Ladens to escape after attack .. Trump took shot at Bush for not stomping Bin Laden out before when he could have ..

It still amazes me NWO did not kill him there while he stood at podium — as he was cutting real close to full truth. Trump could not have said full truth due to the zombie public and half-asleep public , because not enough would get the COMPLEX TRUTH to it. But Trump exposed a lot that night .. Including his massive balls


-Trump book predicts Osama bin Laden years prior to 9/11

Trump studied it and obviously had mega-great sources if he saw this coming … In

Trump was the only  top leading American figure that opposed the Middle East war ..

You can say that the IRAQ INVASION was a mistake today and many would agree. But back then, everyone wanted US to enter Middle East war. Not many people spoke against it.. if you did, you may as well been a Bin Laden according to many Americans. 9/11 was still fresh in memory when Trump spoke against Iraq War, and to speak against this “occupation” at that point was risky .. but Trump did it. Trump saw how stupid it was to hit Hussein in Iraq despite not doing 9/11 , and correctly predicted it to destabilize Middle East (it did ) ..

Trump did not fall for the bogus ‘WMDs’ lie that Bush used to draw more support for invasion … WMDs have still not been found in Iraq to this day.