When newly crowned French president Emannuel Macron beat Marine Le Pen, the SJWs of France thought they dodged a bullet and seemed content with a centrist. During her campaign — Le Pen was driven to take France out of the EU, restore francs as a currency, and kick Islamic culture out. And that had liberals and the NWO worried.  But turns out that Macron is not quite the centrist cuck that the NWO banked on him being for the EU. While he may not be quite the populist Le Pen is , he’s displaying true leadership and scaring  the hell outta the left-wing globalist elite who run the EU.

The 39 yr old Macron is the youngest French ruler since Napoleon and if he keeps up the fervent work & doesn’t get cucked by the EU libtards, he might be remembered as a type of great French leader like Napoelon himself.

So far as French President, hes been quick to establish cordial diplomatic relations with Russia President Putin and US President Trump (two men risking their lives to DESTROY THE TYRANNICAL NWO)

To the dismay of the unelected pro-Islamist tyrants that run the EU like creeps, watching from a far yet progressing the Illuminati globalist takeover, Macron invited President Trump for Bastille day.

They celebrated the two country’s histories and alliance they made in 1770s to fight off despots. Despite their disagreement on the Paris climate Accord (which is horrid for American jobs and a total globalist conjob to suck the US dry), the two seem to have good understanding of each other and are serious about taking down the radical Muslims hellbound on worldwide Sharia ..

Macron, who has a background in financing, has made big budget cuts so the French people’s taxes aren’t treated with a laissez-faire attitude .. and Macron , in response to the imminent Islamic takeover thats slowly happening in France , has passed major policy that will keep the French people safe from Muslim Jihadists. Ridiculously , the left has begun claiming Macron’s legislation is draconian .. yet they’re not so outspoken against the Muslim migrant who are instilling oppressive Sharia Law in France and sh*thing in the streets. Sooo the left just expects Macron to stand by and allow Muslims to keover with rape and violence?? I guess that’s what the left wants these days..

A liberal rag called Liberation said that Macron has been acting like an “authoritarian” .. Apparently energetic leadership is the equivalent of fascism to the leftists these days .. just wait until the globalists take over .. keep virtue signaling and attacking conservatives who just want freedom .. then you’ll realize that the real tyrants are the Illuminati overlords you served for years without realizing , assholes. Hopefully Macron isn’t a globalist puppet … So far, he does not seem to be one at all. Let’s hope it continues ..

After 3 months of Macron, the French leftwing media (overseen by globalist EU elite) is already putting out propaganda and fake polls…


A recent Ifop poll (carried out under EU supervision) showed that the new French ruler’s approval rating tanked 10 points and hitting 54% overall.

This set of recent polling data says the approval rating  is down 3-7% for Macron. http://www.ouest-france.fr/politique/emmanuel-macron/sondage-la-popularite-de-macron-3-pts-et-philippe-7-en-baisse-5142309


Of course the IFOP polls are carried out by a globalist company based in deep liberal Paris and tends to poll less old people due to traditional conservative views most share. Also the IFOP polls are polls with a bias to the question (therefore the propaganda polls got the answers they want) The bias in IFOP is easy to see based on how they present the data and context of the question… For a euthanasia poll, they did not mention context of the question .. it’s simpler to make polls reflect your views when you vaguely explain the poll.

IPOF released a poll claiming that 95% of French are okay with painless murder of old people … Period .. put them down like they are worthless! The poll results said simply 95% are okay with euthanasia no matter what . But that’s because IPOF omitted details. Showing the deceitfulness of their polls.

IPOF saw Le Pen as a major threat to the globalist EU so they left her off many of the polling ballots , assuming she would not advance past the first round anyways (like British establishment purposely disregarded rural Brits as people who probably  won’t vote anyway , therefore did not include a proportionate amount of  rural in the  Brexit polling surveys.. ttherefore the Brexit Pollsproved to be wrong.)

The IFOP founder underestimated the yearning for right wing populism also.. claiming that Le Pen only doing good so far because of people wanting fresh faces , not far right nationalism. Therefore he further showed his poll’s lack of care for real analytics …

“In this election, we have seen the elimination of all the incumbents,” Dabi says. He believes the main reason for dégagisme is bitter disappointment with the last two presidential terms, of Sarkozy and Hollande.

In this situation , you can tell the IFOP  leftleaning rich socialite is unaware that many lower-to-mid class people are highly unfond of this particular candidate (showing the effect of the rich status he is in along with being a Paris city guy):

(IPOF founder is Dabi)

Dabi never believed that Fillon would withdraw from the race, despite a scandal involving payments by the National Assembly and Senate to his wife and children for work they may not have done.

Fillon refused to give up because he won 2.9 of 4.5 million votes in the LR primary. “Fillon is wounded but not dead,” Dabi says.

Fillon will find it difficult to reconcile his demand that the French make sacrifices with the generous payments to his wife and children, especially after he styled himself as “Mr Clean” in the primary.

“People keep telling us how hard it is for their children or nieces and nephews to find internships that pay €400 a month,” Dabi says. “Fillon’s children received more than €3,200 monthly, when the average French salary is €1,700.”

But corruption may be less of a handicap than it once was.

— you can tell he likes Fillon and was genuinely alarmed by how Cynical regular folks are of Fillon

—-Dabi then proves his elitism by saying Le Pen wont make it past 2nd round (she made it to 4th and final round):

Dabi disagrees with analysts who say Le Pen has a 30-40 per cent chance of winning. He disputes recent statements by Hollande and others that her support is underestimated. Le Pen is extremely unlikely to become France’s next president, Dabi argues.

“The FN hasn’t won a two-round election in 30 years, because they barely broaden their core base in the second round,” Dabi explains. “Mobilisation against the FN isn’t anything like what it was when Jacques Chirac defeated Jean-Marie Le Pen, by 82 per cent to 18 per cent, in 2002. But it still exists. A Le Pen victory is possible, but not likely.”

(Source : https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.irishtimes.com/news/world/europe/french-election-is-unthinkable-unprecedented-says-pollster-1.3004578%3Fmode%3Damp)




The EU system is  shocked to see Macron get tough with safety, bracing for the next Islamic migrant attack … The EU wants France to be vulnerable and not strong .. the budget shrinkage plan has the EU oligarchs pissed also due to their big Gov’t / high taxes approach that helps them control people. As Macron shows leadership in the early days of his tenure, I’m sure left wing protests will begin soon as they demand Macron give more welfare to the lazy Muslims leech off EU welfare while the native Europeans work hard. Macron is not a squishy conservacuck who plans to bow before oligarchic EU deities and their Muslim outlanders .. nor is he a laissez-faire liberal snowflake who sees bigotry and authoritarianism in everything he disagrees with. He is just a politically neutral Frenchman with a seasoned backbone due to his tough-nosed astute business career. The left wing magazines claim he fancies himself a fascist dictator , and they base this off of his headstrong, energetic approach to policy … Being confident and prepared and a tad ambitious isn’t right wing fascism , it’s  called leadership. But left-wingers wouldn’t know what leadership is since they blame society and capitalism for everything. You don’t learn much ambition or confidence or leadership traits by watching Karl Marx documentaries inside cozy campus safe spaces all day. Liberals shut themselves away into comfort zones all day which is  why anything natural and humanlike and capitalistic seems to be authoritarian and oppressive to them. Folks, Macron is far from oppressive.

Macron is reforming tax codes, not eliminating democracy for dictatorship. But due to the French press’ disingenuous labeling of Macron an “authoritarian” , you would think he was another  Frenchman  … Oh uhhh Mussolini. Yeah, centrism and cutting MILITARY BUDGETS don’t fit very well with a militant fascist like Mussolini.


Macron  knows that even a  centrist approach would spark backlash from the Far-Left intolerant freakshows

running the EU and trying to instill the NWO satanic enslavement system worldwide

Islamic invasion and neverending wars behind the scenes. And he seems to be prepared for that as he verbally sparred back against the globalist warhawk / Illuminati militant puppet Pierre de Villiers who yelled at and tried to bully the new presidential administration into doing what the EU wants and not France. Villiers masquerades as a French Patriot but really wanted to prevent budget cuts NOT BECAUSE of military depletion .. but Villiers got mad because any type of budget shrinkage would stop the tyrannical EU Gov’t from getting more money from the white man,which they need so they can give it to Muslim migrants on welfare. Villiers is like the French version of McCain. Claims patriotism but calls you a bigot if you oppose open borders .. or destroys 3rd World countries even further just to claim they liberated it .. yeah Villiers is totally in league with the Muslim fascist pedophiliac elite who do evil things for power.

Sorry Villiers that you didn’t get more money from Macron’s budget to assist the globalist plan in building more Jihadist armies while droning kids for sick fun.

If Villiers was such a French patriot then he would have recognized that a frugal centrist won election  and therefore he must work with the budget he lays out whether he is enthusiastic or not. Patriots fight for their country and work hard for it, not quit because of a budget disagreement. Villiers serves the globalist elite, not the French people. He is an evil, deranged warmonger like McCain.

The liberal media will say Macron’s tax reductions are harmful to France overall, but I am sure the middle class French people will enjoy less gov’t theft from their salaries. The liberal media will also keep saying Macron’s enhanced security policies are primed to target migrants, which is true since migrants are on a crime / rape / murder / public defecation rampage!

Macron is not a right winger like the dishonest liberal press claims , he’s just a centrist with a backbone. And wont be pushed around by left-wing zealots who spew PROPAGANDA for then EU fatcats.

Just as Globalist IFOP did not include Le Pen in surveys or add context to the public display of answers received on their euthanasia poll, you know that IFOP is

is fighting back against Macron for being too pushy against the high taxation code that the left-wing EU totalitarian system had been built on. How they rigged the polls? Not sure , but based on his internet polling data and international representation — showing dignity amongst giants like USA and Russia and China while standing proud of France is something the French people voted for.


is based in liberal Paris and does a lot of personal surveying claims to relate to different rural communities despite doing their personal polling in liberal places while sending robot phone calls out to rurals. It claims to analyze a location’s influence but it’s polling company is in the middle of liberal Utopia (soon to be dystopia) and do to the blind spot of many regular French people , did not consider LePen a legit choice. So my bad if I don’t trust this objective company (that admits it sees itself a “recognized authority” to the French, aka it sees itself  as a totally correct 100% accurate replication of France’s feelings) … Sounds like an EU loving / leftleaning company to me that sees its

results more as a political statement than a modest collection of French citizens’ overall opinions .. I mean, jf you don’t mention the context of a Euthanasia poll which got 95% approval of the killer method , then the French people will have to believe the data for whatever they started with it .. (the IFOPpoll claimed 95% are pro-euthanasia in their data release .. and did not mention that they conducted the poll on solely end-of-life issue… therefore the enthusiasm the poll displayed for murderous medics gone wild on euthanasia usage without restrictions was not aligned with reality .. but IFOP didn’t want you to get the context or reality , only their political statement in which they believe people don’t have rights over professional medics due to the fact , it is an EU based Gov’t job… So the Gov’t chooses when to gas your bedstricken but competent 90 yr old grandfather , not him. And who says he wants euthanasia? He may not !

The EU is all about the government control  ..

The Gov’t coverage of healthcare makes you nothing but property or the government when in their

medical facilities. There fore, medics should choose when to use euthanasia and also that the Gov’t does not need to ask your 97 year old grandma whether she wants to die purely by nature or by euthanasia..


without the context provided, that’s how the poll presented itself .. with context:

When questioned “is the question hereby trying to manipulate the polls” the latter replied: “There is a simple answer: who ordered the opinion survey?” We replied that it was an association in favor of euthanasia.

So, there is your answer”.

In 2014, the group « Relieve Suffering without Killing » had IFOP carry out a survey on the end-of-life issue.

For the question:

« When you imagine the end of your own life, among the following points, which two points are priorities for you?” The following answers were given:

Only 34% of those who were polled said they would request euthanasia. This figure is a far cry from the 95% cited previously, which is emphasized today by Franceinfo in their article comparing the two opinion polls.

According to Frédéric Dabi, who edited the opinion poll for the Right to Die in Dignity Association, “this is a historical question”. In fact the association has been asking the same question regularly for the past several years.

“In reality, French citizens responded affirmatively to a badly formulated question, a type of dialectical trap. A question which makes the answer so obvious, that one cannot help but answer « yes », without appearing to be completely insane or uninformed. On one side there is « unbearable suffering » and on the other a solution « without suffering ».

The question repeatedly insists on comparing both extremes, two times in the same question. Tell me, do you know many individuals who would accept enduring intolerable situations? In principle, if a situation is intolerable, it should be immediately terminated. Thus 100% of French citizens should have answered “yes” and not only 92 or 96%! We are faced with a choice that has been rigged, a manipulation with ideological objectives, which voids the poll of any conclusive value, as for the two previous years.”


IFOP is politically left leaning and turns a blind eye to traditional people (hence the reason they did not include Le Pen during surveys) .. and IFOP is mainly in liberal Paris.. enough said.

The IFOP CLAIMS it’s official  authority when it is not:http://www.ifop.com/?option=com_sector&sector=1&language=2