Patreon, a crowdfunding & subscription service, just revealed their TRUE FEELINGS for right-wingers!

Popular business platform site Patreon decided to abruptly ban Lauren Southern from using their site because they believe her CONSERVATIVE VIEWS could get people killed! Total Outrage!

Just on Thursday, Lauren Southern’s account was deleted by Patreon thus leaving her without a big part of her business.


Lauren Southern was planning the upcoming Defend Europe event on the site when the cucks who run the place shut her down with a letter. As you see it says that her upcoming event would be “likely to cause loss of life” . What’s really hysterical is how the first paragraph claims they believe in freedom of speech. My ass!


Lauren Southern left the RebelMedia program in March of this year to pursue a career as a freelance journalist. Since her departure from the right-wing organization, she has been majorly involved in the massive movement called Defend Europe … Tbe right wing  firebrand also protests against Antifa in the USA


In the tweet’s image below, you can see Antifa’s page is still up on Patreon despite their neverending violence…

Patreon has yet to kick off rabidly violent Leftist Anarchy Group ANTIFA despite them bejng a mega threat in comparison to Lauren Southern’s passionate activists. Patreon exposed their severe retardation with this explanation for allowing ANTIFA to keep using their platform:

Patreon currently hosts a crowdfunding page for the Antifa website It’s Going Down, which earns over $1,100 a month despite openly promoting violence towards police officers and “capitalists.”
When the issue was previously brought to public attention, one of the site’s employees, Aaron Riggenberg, stated that he saw no problem with a site because it “looks like a great group with a good mission statement.” He further stated the necessity in “active anti-fascist groups in the age of Trump.”

You see how that cuckold Aaron said ANTIFA is an ‘anti-fascist’ group … Yeah, in name only. They are the modern fascists!

According to Lauren, her assistance in the work on the Defend Europe ship may be one reason as to why Patreon booted her off.


(Click here to learn about Defend Europe & the brave Europeans involved)

Lauren Southern said that it was “shocking” to see Patreon believed she was aiming to kill people. She said it’s even more alarming that Patreon — seemingly neutral — kicked her off for her right wing views.

#BoycottPatreon for allowing Far-Left RIOT GROUPS such as Antifa to continue using their site but not peaceful right wing activists. We must stand up to Patreon for this bullshit!

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