Former Green Party Presidential Candidate Jill Stein is as leftwing as it gets .. but she knows this Russia-Trump nonsense is super fake news. And she knows damn well why the Democrats are so OBSESSED with thjs debunked Russia Conspiracy! Because of the rigged primary against Bernie, the total flop of a campaign ran by ‘No Stamina’ Hillary, inexplicable death of Seth Rich, the utter tailspin that 8 years under Obama threw us into. Listen folks, the Democrats are the loser party currently and Jill Stein is sick of seeing them try to point fingers at the GOP over Russia when there has been no collusion between DJT & Russia whatsoever. So when Jill had enough , she dropped a Nuclear Bomb on the DNC’s head yesterday .

BOOM! Jill is embarrassed by the Democrats and their petulant games.

Jill obviously still harbors grudge against Hillary Clinton for cheating Bernie Sanders out of the Democratic Nomination.


Listen, Jill is far left but she is smarter than all the Democrats by far. She even knew that Hillary meant WW3!


Listen, say what you want of Stein’s far left agenda — but for a LIBERAL like her to have the guts to say that is commendable! The MSM made Hillary out to be a goddess and Trump to be Hitler.  Stein knew the true Hillary!