The Koch brothers are the GOP’s top donors and for years have used RINOs to get what they want with their cash.

Republicucks like Paul Ryan are known to kiss up to the Kochs… (Yes that’s a pun)

But despite the Kochs always donating to Republicans, they were strongly opposed to Trump and are still critical of him now. They still disagree with major parts of Trump’s agenda — which puts Americans 1st.

The Kochs do have a good relationship with VP Pence .. and they met with him yesterday.

Koch brothers’ twice-a-year conference kicked off yesterday.

If any other Republican candidate besides Trump won, it would be the same as electing the Kochs. Because Trump is the only Republican that they really can’t control.. Kochs are billionaires and Trump is one also. If any other Republican won, you would not have seen such major achievements so fast . Because Kochs would have not allowed the GOP to do those things … But Trump isn’t controlled by the  GOP. This America First agenda is not the GOP’s, it’s Trump’s singularly.


Despite tensions with Trump, they planned to donate 300-400 million for 2017-18 Senate campaigns & etc. But now Tim Phillips (Americans for Prosperity leader) said “We think it’s going to be on the high end of that range,” (close to 400 million)

Tim Phillips is president of AFP (Kochs’ major group)


The Kochs and President Trump are arch enemies. Why ? Kochs are globalists and screw Americans over for their own gains via corrupt Republicans. And they are mad that Trump is not a globalist therefore doesn’t screw us over.

The Kochs did not mention Trump yesterday — but did say this…

“We are more optimistic now about what we can accomplish than we’ve ever been… I see us taking it to the next level.”-Charles Koch

Many GOP Senators, governors, officials, etc were at conference.

The Kochs seen more optinistic about working with Trump administration but still don’t agree with loads of it. Because why would those globalist scumbags agree with an America 1st package ?!

As for leadership in Washington, leaders of the Koch-backed political groups are expressing optimism about progress in some areas, particularly judicial appointments and the rollback of regulations.

A few of Koch bros’ biggest issues with Trump is stance on  criminal justice reform, trade agreements, and drug enforcement. And those are just a few, people. There’s many more !

Mark Holden, Koch Industries‘ general counsel, told reporters that Attorney General Jeff Sessions is embracing a failed “big-government approach” that is “based on fear” when it comes to following tougher sentencing guidelines. Holden has led efforts to reach out to Republicans and Democrats -– including the Obama administration -– on sentencing reform, only to see Sessions move in the other direction.

“Hopefully we can change people’s minds,” Holden said.

The Koch bros’ and their groups gave not trashed the recent GOP healthcare proposal, but have not praised it either. They want less Obamacare in it (it basically is still Obamacare just without some things)

Kochs are against any Medicaid coverage being expanded — which clashes with Trump’s original plan with Medicaid. Also Heller’s in agreement about Medicaid expansion

(They use force to see TFA)

“We’re still hopeful on the health care

“Their position is not the compassionate way to go, because this program is failing,” he said.

The Kochs have really hated Trump since the GOP primary, when Trump said he was the only one who couldn’t be controlled by outsiders. And boom, that’s the damn truth, folks.



Apparently VP Pence had a productive chat with them but we don’t know the details .

It’s good to know Trump’s agenda is still the opposite of what the globalist Koch bros’ want. Despite Trump’s slip-ups here and there — he is by far the most bold and brave US President ever to assume office. Trump is basically George Washington 2.0, people.