EMERGENCY. Any hope that Trump would be a “conservative with heart” like he said he would be, is now gone. Trump promised to undo Obamacare — while also taking care of struggling citizens who worked and needed their health coverage to be low cost. Well, he did neither of them — and is pushing a bill that’s still got alot of Obamacare in it & will take COUNTLESS people off of healthcare who NEED IT.

The neocons have tricked Trump. What about doing what we voted you in for, Trump? To lead, not follow. This is a Jeb Bush bill. Trump should be on the same page with Rand Paul, but he is not in this situation.


Trump has done most of what he promised , and he’s still going. He’s draining the swamp as well . But he is suckered in by RINOs sometimes (perhaps he does it purposely so he can actually get his raw policies past such as the wall?).. either way, Trump didn’t fullfil his promise here.

Sadly a superpac is besting up Heller over his honesty. Trump should be defending Heller while trying  to reach a deal with him. Trump should be listening to Rand &  Cruz ..

Honestly, I thought Trump would be with Senator Heller, who agrees with Trump’s agenda but doesn’t wanna hurt his own citizens that will suffer without healthcare .

Heller boldly defied the elite’s asinine replacement bill.

Heller cited several reasons for opposing the bill, but the chief one was its deep reductions in federal support for Medicaid.

“This bill will mean a loss of coverage for millions of Americans and many Nevadans,” he said.

Nevada, under Sandoval, has used its authority under the Affordable Care Act to expand Medicaid, which has given health coverage to more than 210,000 additional state residents, Sandoval said.

“These are folks who are worth fighting for,” he added.

The cutbacks the Senate bill, which would end Medicaid expansion, would cost the state $120 million a year by 2022, with the cost rising sharply after that the governor said. “That’s a cost that the state cannot sustain.”

Heller also mentioned that too many veterans will lose healthcare as well. Heller commended Trump’s VA bill to help veterans yesterday as well.

But today , he told Trump and the establishment (which has Trump stumped for now) that he cannot support a replacement in “this form” because “it’s not the answer”


Obamacare wrecked the healthcare system, but the new GOP bill will just wreck people again. We need bipartisan work or some magic wand to get out of this nightmare that Obama created

Heller’s sentiment is Trump’s true sentiment.  Trump said on the campaign trail that he is not a soulless monster like the greedy globalist neocons, so he would help people stay on Medicaid whole killing Obamacare.

Due to Heller’s ballsy defiance in the face of RINOs, a RINO superpac (which stole Trump’s mantra), America First Policies started a movement against Heller on Twitter & also commmitted to put down one million bucks in negative ads on him — that will smear him as someone who’s joined Schumer & Pelosi.

This superpac has many good things, but it is DEAD WRONG about Healthcare. And I know factually that Trump gave them no permission to steal his America First motto (RINOs really hate it), but the RINO establishment is using it to appear as if it’s grassroots . It’s not.

Heller is being ostracized the most due to his reasoning being beyond just conservative policies, but because he knows we can find away to cut waste and help out hardworking Americans afford healthcare . He’s doing what Trump said he’d do.


“Then on top of that, the people that can’t afford to do that, we have to help them out at the lower level, we have to help them out,” he sai“And I would make deals with hospitals and I’d make deals with people where they can get them care ..

.. You can’t have a guy that has no  money that’s sick and he can’t go see a doctor, he can’t go see a hospital. I just don’t think [you] can have that, ‘cause I’m actually a conservative with a heart. And if I lose votes for that, I don’t really care.”-Donald Trump(source)

The other 4 Republicans made a joint statement against the bill:

“Currently, for a variety of reasons, we are not ready to vote for this bill, but we are open to negotiation and obtaining more information before it is brought to the floor. There are provisions in this draft that represent an improvement to our current health care system, but it does not appear this draft as written will accomplish the most important promise that we made to Americans: to repeal Obamacare and lower their health care costs.”