After President Trump said that he possessed no Comey conversation tapes earlier today, the left-wing MSM attacked Trump like crazy. The MSM falsely claims that Trump lied about the tapes — even though Trump never said he held any tapes.

Hannity has been on fire with truth lately. Exposing MSM & getting to the real news. CNN & NBC will keep reporting with disgusting dishonesty. CNN claims Trump led everyone on a ’40 day goose chase’ over tapes — which is total blasphemy. Trump never said he had tapes, just put it out there so Comey understood he could not lie or else Trump would pursue tapes. It is CNN who did the goose chasing, due to overanalyzing the entire ordeal when it was nothing but a warning to Comey. A warning that obviously worked. After Trump told Fox & Friends he has no tapes (not a big deal like MSM is making it to be), one of Comey’s buddies tweeted cryptic message. Comey and his friends may use deep state allies to get revenge. 

That’s just one of many cryptic tweets Comey’s deep state ally (probably his boyfriend also) has sent out. The deep state corrupted globalists just don’t wanna quit raping this Republic & that’s why they keep coming for Trump.

Now did y’all see this? Reminded me of when MSNBC’s pundit called for ISIS to blow up Trump Tower. The media is sick.  Former assistant to President Bush & current MSNBC analyst Elise Jordan threw out a wild metaphorical assertion when discussing the revelation that there are not any Trump-Comey tapes.

She claims Trump lied about the tapes and is making the GOP look bad (Trump didn’t ever claim ownership of tapes). She said this:

“It’s a sad day when you cannot depend on the president’s word, and my advice to Republicans who cozy up to him is it’s just like hugging a suicide bomber—he blows you up in the process with him”

Even MSNBC Host Craig Melvin refused to defend such a cringe-worthy smear.

Jordan then continues to ramble on about the tapes — acting as if Trump said he had them. Nothing but MSM spin!

If you went out on a limb, if you’re a Republican who went on a limb and defended Donald Trump over saying he’s got tapes that are gonna back up his point of view, you just got blown up too,”-Elise Jordan

Elise is not even in reality. Trump never said he had the tapes. Trump tweeted out about the possibility of the meetings being recorded. Trump’s tweet about the potentially existent tapes did not obstruct justice either.

Elise has got to be fuming! Not a shocker to see a Bush ally hate on a true American like Trump (who is saving the GOP and America). Heck, Jeb Bush was eating with Joe Biden the other night. Jeb might as well be a Democrat. And DaddyBush Sr. obviously is thirsty for Trump’s blood

No surprise that a former Bush aide would go on MSNBC and say such a repulsive thing.

Trump said that he does not possess any tapes and only tweeted that out just in case Comey told big lies during (or after) his embarrassing testimony.

WATCH: President Trump tells Fox & Friends’ Ainsley Earhart that he possesses no tapes at all

In MSM reports below, they take potshots at the President by acting as if he ever said he had tapes. Trump said that Comey better hope that no tapes exist if he ever started telling falsehoods. The statement was a simple message that if the corrupted ex-FBI head started lying, Trump would do his best to expose via potential footage.

Trump tweeted that statement out, which cites Obama surveillance & Susan Rice unmasking scandals, while reiterating his point that tapes could be archived somewhere.