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President Trump visited the Saudi gov’t in his first official trip overseas as the U.S. prez

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During the visit, he touched an orb that looks like it came straight out of a SciFi film.

Saudi Arabian-American Embassy tweeted the purpose of the significant ritual.

The orb was lit in honor of a major anti-Islamic terror foundation being officially opened in Riyadh.

I find it ironic that Saudi’s gov’t wants to act like they don’t fun terror groups .. but whatever. Obama and Hillary don’t admit it either.


Of course some dummies claim Trump is apart of the globalist NWO now! TOTAL BULLSH*T.

Bill Clinton openly admits to loving demonic voodoo, and we saw Hillary’s chairman Podesta speak of his anticipation for a Satanic supper upcoming. But no — Trump is the evil devil-worshiper. Because of a public ordinance he was practically obliged to take part in. Wow, really libtards?!

If Trump was ever apart of the globalist NWO, he would not have gone on worldwide TV and begin to expose 9/11 truths, he would not have all this globalist NWO media calling for his death, he would not have the whole establishment against him (politically and physically)

I did get the Orb of Peace vibe myself.

WashPo reported:

“When President Trump laid hands on the glowing Saudi mystery orb, he pledged allegiance to “Its Luminescence,” summoned the forces of Sauron to take over Middle-earth and created an “army of Moderate Muslims to fight terror”

The Islamic theocratic Saudi gov’t obviously believes the orb will raise good Muslims to stop radical Islamists. Hahaha. Sure.

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