President Trump received a big time welcome to Saudi Arabia on May 21st. As him and FLOTUS Melania stepped off of Air Force One, the massive parades and celebrations were impossible to miss.

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Trump took part in the sword swinging that the Saudis put on as well.


That’s pretty cool. Perhaps some of the swordsman are for show? I’d doubt they would really let the U.S. President get so close to a hurtful blade. It’s just cool to see connections across cultures, despite major differences. Saudi has got it’s issues, funding terrorism one of them. But Obama and Hillary were in on Saudi with the terrorist funding! Obviously I believe there are just many issues with Saudi’s culture & how they barbarically kill people for petty issues. But as Trump said, we are not a perfect country also, as we’ve let Satanic globalists overrun us. Trump wants to MAGA, not because he believes he is so far better than everyone — but because he has a heart of a warrior, and he critically thinks how to solve business problems and be successful. He is doing his best to apply that to the US. Trump-Saudi relationship will be interesting. Obviously Saudi Arabia is KISSING UP BIG TIME.


Did not bow down to Islamic fascists.

Received a huge welcome party. It was as if he were the king of the damn place.

Waved to Toby Keith. CRAZY!

Hopped off the high-tech Saudi golf cart and then hit his DANCE to the Saudi Swordsman step.


That way, that way. That way, that way. Hit it Prez Trump.

But who cares?! If they kiss up, then WHATEVER! Trump is treated like shit everywhere because the globalists are involved in basically every gov’t these days. This is such a Biblical time, people.

President Trump and First Lady Melania were also reported very nicely by the Saudi press. This was very kind of the press to compliment the U.S. president and his wife on their fashion sense. I’m sure Melania knew exactly what to wear.

Saudi press seems as if it is controlled by some Saudi gov’t insiders, so perhaps the press really tried to flatter President Trump. Also, there were no major protests against Trump in Saudi Arabia — but because apparently the Saudi gov’t restricted that.

The Saudi gov’t has been longtime linked to funding terrorism, and Trump called them out multiple times. It is not clear what parts — or how large some parts of the Saudi gov’t is that funds ISIS and radical Muslim terrorism.

Trump did not bow to the Saudi King like the false reports claim. Trump showed respect with the Islamic gov’t leader, and they discussed policies like adults despite obvious major differences. It seems the Saudi King is trying to gain Trump’s trust fast, and he acted happy with Trump’s Syria strike.

Trump and the FLOTUS appeared and waved to the Saudis as they finally arrived.

Saudi Arabia was the first of ” an ambitious international debut for Mr. Trump. After two days of meetings here, Mr. Trump will travel to Israel, have an audience with Pope Francis at the Vatican and meet with allies at a NATO summit in Brussels and the Group of 7 powerful nations in Sicily.”

Mr. Trump waved from the doorway after Air Force One touched down and before descending the staircase with first lady Melania Trump. The 81-year-old King Salman, who used a cane for support, was brought to the steps of the plane in a golf cart. The leaders exchanged pleasantries and Mr. Trump said it was “a great honor” to be there.

Several jets then flew overhead leaving a red, white and blue trail.

At a later ceremony at the grand Saudi Royal Court, the king placed the Collar of Abdulaziz Al Saud, the nation’s highest civilian honor, around Mr. Trump’s neck. The medal, given to Mr. Trump for his efforts to strengthen ties in the region, has also been bestowed on Russian President Vladimir Putin, British Prime Minister Theresa May and Mr. Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama.

According to Vanity Fair, the Saudi Arabian king has been really just flattering Trump, tricking him into trust. As we know Trump has been a big pioneer on TV exposing 9/11 – Saudi Arabia link. So for the Saudis to try to be as nice as can be with Trump, it’d be a smart route. The thing is, Trump knows the business and the swindling tactics. You cannot outswindle a man who wrote The Art Of The Deal.

This doesn’t mean Trump swindled people, BASICALLY ALL BUSINESSMAN ARE CALLED RIP-OFF ARTISTS WHEN THEY MAKE IT BIG ANYWAYS.. Just means Trump can recognize genuine reverence and how it differs with forced sycophantic behaviors.

So obviously the Saudis went REALLY BIG with Trump’s welcome party. But hell, why not have fun? Trump deserves it. Plus it seems like this Saudi-U.S. deal could be good, perhaps. WE’LL SEE. The globalists are always in disguise so it is hard to tell which parts of the Saudi gov’t could get a hand on the money agreed on.


Could the mystical earth orb that they used be some type of dark witchcraft that top Saudi officials crazily believe it? Potentially trying to summon demons? After the orb touching on 21st, Mar-A-Lago resort had a sinkhole fall in front of the gates. SHOCKING!

HuffPo disappointed that Mar-A-Lago wasn’t swallowed by sinkhole .. which would have killed many people if did occur.

The BBC reported a video of the sinkhole and the impact it had. Wow. It’s very crazy that the sinkhole just happened to COLLAPSE into earth’s depths RIGHT AFTER THE ORB RITUAL (which resembles Illuminati demon worship). Trump could have been tricked into doing the ritual.

No dumbass! If Satan is calling for anyone it’s gonna be Hillary or Bill!

A reporter tweeted update from 2 hours ago.

What are the odds that a sinkhole just falls into the world’s deeper levels right after he touched a globe which resembled Illuminati occult Satanic worship?! The Saudis may have opened a portal to hell to send demons to Trump, these people are freaks.

Again, this is all hypothetical and based off of Christian scriptures. If you are a DEVOUT CHRISTIAN who believes a Biblical end time prophecy is unfolding than be sure to tell me why. I am not sure. MAYBE IT IS, POTENTIALLY NOT. But if it isn’t BIBLICAL END TIMES PROPHECY being fulfilled, then why the hell are the Satanic elite NWO officials following Bible prophecy word-for-word?!


The Trump of God prophesized in the Holy Bible? WHOA.

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This could be the leader that God has brought forth. WE WILL FIND OUT. WOW. This is epic and totally BIBLICAL. THERE HAS NEVER BEEN SUCH AN EPIC TIME IN THE DAMN WORLD! The NWO dictatorial imprisonment plan of the entire WORLD’s POPULATION is in the FINAL DAMN STAGE. IT’S THE DAMN ENDGAME. THIS IS SO DAMN BIBLICAL, AND I AM NOT EVEN A VERY DEVOUT CHRISTIAN. I must be honest. I truly am not a big time CHRISTIAN SCRIPTURE studier or FOLLOWER. I go to church sometimes but nothing more. I am just SAYING.. THIS IS BIBLICAL, PEOPLE. TOTALLY BIBLICAL.

Trump is not a perfect man. But he is a the leading world figure in ANY GOVERNMENT ACROSS THE EARTH currently, and he is not fundamentally evil — and is not utilizing an NWO Satanic designed agenda to kill of humans slowly.