The CHURCH OF SATAN has come out and distanced themselves from the Christian patriot President Donald Trump, after the orb ritual he took apart in made some fringe conspiracy theorists claim he was an NWO leader.

The Luciferian left-wing zealots want nothing to do with a clear, good-natured, strong CHRISTIAN AMERICAN MALE!

Look at all these retarded leftists trying to claim the orb is devil-worship. Total idiots.

Lord of the Rings or Orb of the Weebs?

Folks, Trump is EXPOSING the Satanic pedophile ring system. He is not apart of it. And knowing who Trump is, and seeing how he handles pressure so well .. he would never join the Luciferian elite. He is with us. YEAH, THE ORB THING COULD BE CREEPY TO SOME. But I thought it was a cool thing.

The orb ritual was not some Harry Potter scene parody or whatever. It was actually symbolic. The orb touching took place at the opening of the new anti-Islamic terrorism foundation (we will see Saudi).

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The three world leaders: Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz, Egypt President al-Sisi, and U.S. President Donald J. Trump place their hands on the mystic orb

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The true Luciferians are Podesta, Bill Clinton, Hillary, and every other top Democratic Party elite globalist shill.