FriaTrider independent intel probe found that 90% of shootings in Sweden occur due to a Mid Eastern Migrant.

“Young men with immigrant background are behind almost all murder and assassination attempts by firearms shows a recent survey. Most of them originate in the Middle East and North Africa”

-FriaTrider study

Study concludes that most of shooting culprits are always of Mid East and North African origin. As we know, the refugees are mega-rapists also. We know that refugees are not very excited about getting a job either, so they usually don’t! So you want migrants? You get disease, rape, terror, and Islamic fascism all while they lazily sit in their taxpayer-funded house. Thanks Europeans..

This is just more bombshell info .. which TOTALLY REINFORCES the truth of the migrant crimes. Of course the Swedish gov’t did not reasonably respond to the factual info, but used liberal logic instead — and claimed the facts are racist.

The Swedish gov’t is ran by tyrannical/globalist dictatorial demagogues who are UNELECTED officials. The EU head officials own Sweden.

Don’t ask why your daughter gets raped and killed.. and don’t question why a refugee is stabbing people .. and don’t be mad that you can’t see Ariana Grande or go Christmas shopping without a radical Muslim attacking .. just trust the gov’t bureaucrats who decided that the proven data is racist. WTF!

Ahh, Sweden!