The MSM flipped out against The Gateway Pundit for getting his press creds, and now they are in utter outrage ever since InfoWars officially closed it’s first report from the White House.

Infowars posted a short article on Monday morning showing DC correspondent Jerome Corsi inside the White House press area, which triggered thousands of mainstream media articles and tweets by establishment journalists outraged that they can no longer distort news to make President Trump look bad.

An estimated 3,000+ news stories covered the Infowars article, which itself received over 14,000 direct shares on Facebook at the time of this writing.

But the mainstream media coverage is largely negative, highlighting how the establishment media will shed its supposed objectivity to desperately maintain control over public opinion.


InfoWars correspondent Jerome Corsi in White House press area.

The liberal MSM can have their anti-Trump / pro-globalist reporters in there, but alt-media can’t have their own ? HAHAHA. Not anymore, liberal media. Good job to Trump for allowing InfoWars the spot.

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Liberal activists want the gov’t to tyrannically shut down InfoWars, as well.