In the 2017 edition of the Brainerd High School yearbook (in Minnesota) — the newspaper included a section titled: “TRUMP 2k17-2k20? How do you feel about him?”

One of the responses was a major threat to the U.S. president and it’s surprising that the Sec. Service hasn’t moved more thoroughly on this incident.

Brainerd High School, public school funded by tax payers, has a statement in their 2017 yearbook commented by a Brainerd student claiming that he wants to “behead” President Trump because he ‘doesn’t like him’

Why did the yearbook student council OR school faculty intervene to prevent this horiffic threat from being permanently engrained in the 2017 yearbook?

The school district, OBVIOUSLY UNDER TENSION, issued a public statement on the major controversy.


Click here to visit their official site.

The district stated that it “does not support or otherwise endorse any disrespectful or politically based statements that are in the year book” .. The statement also mentions that they are so sorry they did not prevent this THREAT AGAINST THE U.S. PRESIDENT from making into your Brainerd High School student’s 2017 yearbook FOREVER. I have a clear message for Brainerd. It was not just an ANTI-TRUMP STATEMENT, if that were the case then it would not be a controversy. IT WAS A DEATH THREAT TO THE U.S. PRESIDENT, DUMBASSES.

Of course, this story has caused major uproar on social media.


Well, on the bright side .. the Brainerd Dispatch reported that Trump beat Hillary in the high school’s mock election this year. So it appears that most Brainerd students don’t want Trump .. ya know .. killed.