According to two insiders, President Trump called the now former FBI head James Comey just a few weeks after being inaugurated — and asked when the FBI would tell the public he is not under investigation.


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According to the same two insiders, Comey got snappy and told Trump that if he wants to know the details about the FBI’s inquiries, he should follow the regular procedures and have the White House counsel send their questions to the Justice Department. So Comey did not want to speak man-to-man with Trump about the investigation, but let Obama get off with using off-the-grid foreign intel agents to spy on Trump & allowed Hillary off with basically every crime in the book. No wonder Trump canned Comey’s b*tch a$$!

Comey explained to Trump how U.S. presidents usually communicate with the FBI about investigations, and refused to tell Trump any answers to his questions. Comey and Trump had many interactions like that in which Trump, out of hope that Comey would be glad he was not immediately canned by Trump for his corruption, apparently wanted to see Comey admit to him that there is still no proof of Russia-Trump collusion and it’s obviously nowhere to be found. But Comey refused to disravel the political witch hunt of the Russia investigation. According to insiders, Trump tried to get Comey to end the FBI’s investigation of former Nat’l Security Advisor Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn. Trump publicly denies making this request, as he knows if he confirmed that he did so — the left-wing MSM would overblow it.

Flynn asking for immunity is not him attempting to avoid jail time for crimes, but it’s Flynn attempting to avoid the corrupt insiders who will jail him for being a patriot & exposing Obama and Hillary’s crimes. Just like the deep state is targeting Trump for being a patriot.

Comey did his best to separate himself from President Trump. But after letting the Hilldebeast off the hook multiple times, along with Obama & Susan Rice, Trump terminated Comey (who actually believed it was a joke — that’s how delusional and arrogant Comey is). Trump sent a letter to Comey informing him of his firing, and stated “greatly appreciate you informing me, on three separate occasions, that I am not under investigation.”

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