Communist Chinese (N. Korea sympathizers) unprofessionally cut close into a U.S. nuclear detection plane’s airspace — despite the Chinese gov’t knowing the U.S. aircraft flies over regularly to look for potential nuclear radiation. Also, the Japanese gov’t is upset with China for flying a drone in their country’s airspace.. Moves like this just show the Chinese are on N. Korea’s side more than the U.S. and Japan’s.


Above, a U.S. Air Force WC-35 aircraft. Below, a Chinese Su-30 fighter jet.


Two Chinese fighter jets intercepted a US Air Force radiation detection plane over the East China Sea on Wednesday.

The video above is from a couple years ago when a similar incident occurred between the U.S. and China aircrafts.

The US crew aboard the USAF WC-135 plane claimed the move was “unprofessional” on China’s part. A U.S. official confirmed that the Chinese fighter jets came within 150 feet of the U.S. plane and one flew upside down while above the U.S. plane.

The USAF WC-135 aircraft was out on a routine route, probing for any potential signals of recent nuclear weapons tests.

The U.S. jet (WC-135 plane) looks for thorough signs of a nuclear test. It detects nuclear emissions in the atmosphere. It collects samples to identify what occurred. According to a U.S. official, the WC-135 is regularly scouting over Northeast Asia for signs of a nuclear weapon test. They’ve been used to gather proof of nuclear tests by N. Korea. The Chinese gov’t obviously knew what the U.S. plane was doing, as it is a routine event with a good purpose (to find out if nukes are being used in an unknown area). Earlier this year in February, a US Navy P3 Orion aircraft and a Chinese surveillance aircraft also had a very “unsafe” encounter