President Trump’s deputy Nat’l security advisor Dina Powell is allegedly leaking to WashPo & NY Times (apparently leaked the Russia intel story).

Dina Powell is apparently leaking info specifically to NY Times’ Maggie Haberman. According to GotNews (which has commendable track record of exposing corruption),   one of Trump’s high-level advisors Dina Powell is leaking the major info to NY Times. Even conservative firebrand Mike Cernovich is claiming his inside sources are telling him Dina Powell is definitely a leaker

According to GotNews, Powell is in major cooperation with NY Times’ Maggie Haberman and is leaking all kinds of private info from within the Trump cabinet. GotNews correctly stated Katie Walsh, former Deputy Chief of Staff, was leaking red-hot inside info to NY Times’ Haberman, and of course it was true as Walsh got fired when she was caught.

GotNews was right about Walsh. Are they right about Powell? We’ll find out soon enough.

On top of GotNews’ commendable history, Cernovich broke the bombshell, explosive Susan Rice unmasking story. So if history is an indicator, Powell is most likely leaking top-level info.