As the police state rises in today’s day-and-age, it is not surprising to see a public high school try and condition it’s children for potentially being pepper sprayed by out-of-control cops someday. But surprisingly, these students volunteered to get sprayed.

What’s very disturbing is that the students scream in agony after being pepper-sprayed. WTF did they think was going to occur?!

The students were willingly pepper sprayed for a Criminal Science Tech class at Barberton High School in Ohio. As you see, 14 kids were lined up against the wall as a man sprayed them in the face and said “Stop resisting. Please comply”.. And then the students begin to scream in utter horror & pain while onlookers hysterically laugh.

The students did volunteer to get pepper sprayed and apparently a permission slip was required to be signed by parents before they could get willingly assaulted by the pepper spray-wielding policeman.

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