Not trying to jump to conclusion here, but it’s reasonable to note that ISIS has called for lone wolf (aka KNOWN WOLF) Jihadists to strike via driving vehicles into large crowds throughout western countries. And we’ve seen ‘lone wolf attacks’ do just that. So this could be another Jihadist vehicular attack. But as of right now, no confirmed info on who the perpetrator is and why he did this.

New York City’s liberal Mayor Bill de Blasio stupidly claimed that there’s no reason to believe it was an act of Islamic terrorism
Apparently the driver has been arrested for DUI twice before. But the nature of this tragic incident strongly resembles Islamic terror

Earlier in NYC, a vehicle plowed through bystanders near Time Square NYC. The Maroon car ran down multiple people, killing one and injuring at least twenty.

An eyewitness confirmed that the car was heading north on Broadway and went on the sidewalk near 43rd Street and 7th Avenue. Here’s some disturbing footage of the aftermath.

Sky News report :

Here’s a still-shot of the perpetrator as he’s taken into custody.


Read more info here & be sure to alert others about this situation.