Vice President Pence is unaffected by the liberal MSM’s negative, propagandized coverage of the Trump administration — as he is still working to MAGA. And earlier today, he tweeted that President Trump & himself are going to embed a major tax cut.

Despite the globalists tanking the stock by 370 points, we all know the Dow broke the record under Trump due to his America First / low tax agenda. The liberal MSM can be as negative as they please .. but the truth is Trump is restoring sovereignty, renegotiating international deals, saving tax payer dollars majorly, bringing back massive amounts of jobs, and making America great again. Trump isn’t perfect, but him and his team (besides a few snakes who slithered in) are really doing a fine job.

The House Republicans kicked off the effort to majorly cut taxes. The GOP’s goal, due to Trump & Pence’s leadership, is to permanently reform the tax code so it does not add on to the gov’t debt. At the Chamber of Commerce, Pence spoke on the historic tax cut plan.

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