Trump supporter & former Navy SEAL Carl Higbie is well known on CNN. He fights the liberal MSM bias all the time for Trump. Higbie was also on CNN during the segment where a Democrat pundit mocked a white Trump voter for getting beat up by anti-Trump gang members (remember the infamous “Oh my goodness, poor white people”?!)


So yesterday, Higbie appeared to represent the president on CNN’s State Of America show. And boy oh boy, did Kate Bolduan (CNN reporter) lose her mind or what?!


Higbie totally shell-shocked by the level of Bolduan’s insanity!

During a discussion about what intel the president shared with Russia about ISIS, she asked Higbie if the president’s actions scared him as a former military member. Higbie responded: I’ve been sitting here quietly listening to all this B.S. quite frankly. Did you listen to anything McMaster said today? Where he said, ‘I was in the room, that didn’t happen'”

Higbie referenced McMaster’s claim disputing the WashPo’s allegations. Higbie also challenged the WashPo’s apparent sources, referencing their cowardly anonymity. And then bam, CNN’s Bolduan flipped her lid and LITERALLY SCREAMED at the former SEAL. WATCH:

Obviously troubled by Higbie’s logical questioning of the WashPo’s validity, Bolduan yelled “Oh, please! Please! Do not even start with me, that you’re just going to attack sources. That is ridiculous!”

She went on to claim that her network’s reporters are “stellar” despite the fact her network CNN’s validity was not in question, but WashPo’s was. What a loony toon!

It’s kind of a big deal when a major MSM reporter does not even care about WashPo’s sources. Ya know, sources are kinda a big deal