Top editor of Breitbart News, Joel Pollak, posted a column which explains how the deep state gov’t is in a full-scale battle against We The People’s will (which elected Trump).

Sheriff Clarke obviously agrees with Pollak.

Pollak correctly says that the Dems were discussing how to impeach Trump way before he took office.


He also mentions the WashPo report about Trump’s intel he shared with Russia about ISIS. Pollak correctly stated that whether or not the reports are true, they still don’t justify a Trump impeachment.

Maxine Waters, who is completely senile, is exerting all of her energy to get rid of President Trump.

Pollak states that Trump supporters “understand what is going on here” and know that “the swamp is fighting back” .. as we know Trump is committed to draining the swamp


We know Trump is not perfect. We know he’s made some missteps. But us Trump voters know that the deep state is trying to oust him because he is trying to expose their corrupt doings. It’s the deep state vs. Trump.

Pollak continues in article discussing the hoax that is the ‘Russia-Trump’ narrative. He also mentions that outrage over Trump firing Clinton puppet James Comey is ridiculous. Pollak breaks it all down in his article.

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