Last year former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes was excised due to sexual harrassment allegations by a former employee. Ever since then, the Murdoch sons have grasped major influence and tried to slowly move the channel over to another left-wing MSM outlet.

The Murdoch sons’ left-wing wives were able to take out O’Reilly, the channel’s top figure for decades.

Now amidst Trump impeachment demands by the propagandized MSM & globalist politicians, the president’s longtime friend Roger Ailes has suddenly died out of nowhere.

Remember when conservative Justice Antonin Scalia died mysteriously & was found with a pillow on top of his head? And then emails came out showing that top Dems were talking about ‘wetworks’ (assassination term) just days before? Well now, Roger Ailes dying at this point-and-time is JUST AS FISHY.


Roger Ailes, the bombastic and controversial founder and CEO of Fox News who was ousted last year in a sexual harassment scandal, has died, Fox News reported Thursday.

Ailes, who reshaped television news over five decades in the TV and entertainment industry, was 77.

HIs death was announced in a statement by his wife, Elizabeth Ailes, according to Fox News.

Despite the biased, left-wing, propagandized MSM claiming Roger Ailes was a sexual harrasser of women — Ailes’ longtime loving wife, Elizabeth, called him “a loving husband” and a “patriot” ..

As you see above, Elizabeth said “I am profoundly sad and heartbroken to report that my husband, Roger ailes, passed away this morning” and continued with a few more comments on her husband’s passing.

Trump’s longtime friend & Fox News icon Bill O’Reilly was forced out due to liberal MSM last month. Ever since then, the media blitz against Trump has only gotten worse. The globalists just tanked the Dow by 370 points yesterday to attempt to make the public weary of the current president. And now amidst all of these ridiculous calls for Trump’s impeachment (despite no Russia collusion whatsoever), one of the president’s longtime friends & cultural ally Roger Ailes has suddenly died. Folks, we need to pray for President Trump right now. He is under total attack & I fear that Ailes’ death may be a warning by the deep state to Trump.

I’ve also read a report (still trying to discern it’s validity) saying that Ailes was in another state and not with his wife at the time of his death this morning. Hmmm…

PJW is correct. Liberals are already celebrating Ailes’ death on Twitter. Go and look for yourself. It’s sick!

Fox News host Janice Dean was devastated by the news of Ailes’ passing. Other prominent reporters tweeted their tributes to Ailes:

We are still awaiting response from President Trump on this tragic news.