Hillary Clinton has just launched a new anti-Trump, far-left SuperPAC amidst her hero James Comey’s termination.

Despite her corrupt, globalist donors (Goldman Sachs especially) out advertising & outspending Trump during campaign, Hillary failed epically on Nov. 8th. But the massive war criminal Hillary Clinton is back with more corrupt, left-wing, globalist donors and her new super PAC called “Onward Together”.

Hillary announced that her new super PAC will fundraise for groups like Color of Change (far-left African American group) & Indivisible Project (whose motto is “Resist Trump’s Agenda”)


As if the odds aren’t stacked against President Trump enough, Hillary is now emerging with new attacks. Trump should motion for her prosecution. He gave her a chance to walk away, which was a mistake. He got Attorney General Jeff Sessions to back off, which was a mistake. And due to Trump’s kindness, she’s still attacking him. Hopefully Trump terminating Comey means that he is done messing around and will finally #LockHerUp as promised.

Hillary tweeted this out:


She then ended out the slew of celebratory tweets by claiming she’s hoping for a “big-hearted” America.

The criminal Hillary is still on the loose. And despite her evil, treacherous, Satanic deeds .. she claims to want “a kinder, big-hearted, inclusive America.” What a sack of bullshit!