NAFTA was signed by Bill Clinton in 1993, and before he legislated it — Trump spoke out against it and foretold what it was going to do.

Now, after promising to fix NAFTA or “break” it completely — Trump will attempt to fix up the problems in the NAFTA agreement.

U.S. trade Representative Robert Lightizer sent a letter to congressional leaders  to kick off a 90 day period, in which lawmakers will discuss different ideas on how to fix the NAFTA issue. Mexico and Canada are aware that NAFTA talks will occur in a major way, very soon.

Rep. Lightizer said that any potential new NAFTA deal will do a better job of protecting U.S. workers. Trump also wants to update NAFTA to reflect new technological developments. The Canadian gov’t is breaking NAFTA rules by not allowing American dairy farmers to send their products in freely — despite dairy being free to come into the U.S. from Canada. Mexico has also gotten the best of the U.S. with NAFTA. Factories galore have went from the U.S. to Mexico ever since Bill signed it. Of course Bill blames everything but himself for the poor deal.

Trump warned Bill and the U.S. about NAFTA back before it was even signed. That’s real leadership, people. Americanism — not globalism.

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There’s been rumors of Trump pulling out of NAFTA but Trump has stopped that for now. He’s going to try and fix the issues with it before attempting something of that nature. Rep. Lightizer said that President Trump will give NAFTA “renegotiation a good strong shot” .. We’ll see what happens with NAFTA. We know Trump won’t be pushed around

We saw Trump, in the midst of the globalist-infested swamp, totally eradicate a globalist-concocted deal (TPP, which would have killed U.S. jobs — especially manufacturing). Trump is not afraid to do the right thing, even if it is a ballsy thing to do. Trump obviously wants to work NAFTA out — as he realizes some factors benefit the U.S. Trump is just tired of seeing Mexico and Canada be unhindered by NAFTA, while the U.S. deals with too many problems. Let’s hope Trump finds a way to fix it. #AmericaFirst