Former president Barack Obama is a full-fledged con-artist. And he is by far the WORLD’S MOST DANGEROUS ONE AS WELL. Obamacare is a total rip-off & his mega lie about it rated the TOP FALSEHOOD OF THE YEAR by Politifact. But perhaps is biggest, most elaborate, and DANGEROUS SCAM EVER is the Iran Nuclear Agreement he made back in 2015.

Of course the biased, globalist, left-wing, radical, unhinged MSM praised the Iran deal as “landmark” and “historic” among other unbelievable descriptions. When in fact, if you have half a melon in your head OR if you just pay a little bit of attention to the facts & don’t parrot the broad reports by the MSM, then you’d realize that we are GIVING THE #1 TERROR SPONSOR BUKUS OF CASH. AND I MEAN BILLIONS, FOLKS.


Whether you are an Israeli supporter or not (I’m undecided on Israel to be honest), the Iran Nuke Deal is a total death sentence for them & for innocents across the globe. Iran has mocked us and assured us they don’t take the deal seriously, as they continue to take our BILLIONS. Iran has also made it VERY CLEAR THAT THEY ARE OUT FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP’s HEAD & WANT HIM KILLED, along with the USA destroyed.

LADIES & GENTLEMEN, President Donald Trump was close to committing to a presidential run due to the absolute peril the USA was in & due to the fact the gov’t had complete puppet traitors running the show. But when the Iran Nuclear Deal went through, Donald Trump had absolutely enough and FULLY COMMITTED to run for president despite the TOTAL DANGER HE’S NOW IN.

Eric Trump confirmed the fact that Obama’s traitorous, evil nuclear transaction with Iran is the major reason that pushed Trump to run for 45th POTUS.

Well now ladies & gentlemen, I can completely and truly report accurately that we are on the utter verge of a Nuclear Endgame to the world.. Not because of the paper tiger N. Korea and their little toys that can’t even get 2 inches in the air, not because of Russia and Syria (thankfully Trump is not someone like Hillary or McCain who would already have us firing NUKES ACROSS THE SEA), but because of Kenyan Muslim Jihadist & former president B. Hussein Obama’s unbelievably treasonous deal.

Folks, if Obama and the elite puppet-masters could trick the world into going with the Iran deal — then they can swindle us into ANYTHING.

BOMBSHELL REPORT, JUST CAME OUT. We are in complete danger, folks. We’re roughly a year, potentially a little less, away from a Nuclear holocaust SHOWDOWN with the Iranian Jihadist Gov’t.. Obama’s major funding of Iran PLUS his stupid ‘agreement’ which holds Iran back from nukes just as much as a song-and-dance would, has now approached us VERY CLOSE TO FULL WORLDWIDE EXTINCTION.  Earlier this week, top spymaster & major expert Daniel Coats informed Congress in an EMERGENCY ADDRESS intel briefing that Iran’s ballistic missile work continues to go along without hinderance & the Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to fire off a Nuclear Weapon at an enemy they wish to IF THEIR PROGRAM CONTINUES MUCH LONGER.


The Iranian gov’t has the ability to hide info from us about their nuclear progress & also have the comfy option of delaying the U.S. from ‘checking in’ to ensure they’re following the agreement .. oh great. If Iran is breaking the deal’s rules, then they can just tell us that we need to come back later — after they clean up a little.

F**king GREAT. LADIES & GENTLEMENT, this major intel disclosure was presented to Congress just a few days after Iranian Jihadist Gov’t Leaders announced their plan to launch two new DOMESTICALLY CREATED SATELLITES (which will obviously be used to direct their future NUCLEAR MISSILES). As we know, Iran’s ‘space program’ is nothing but a blatant, clear-as-day coverup for their SADISTIC, POTENTIALLY GENOCIDAL missile work.

Daniel Coats, top spymaster & President Trump’s current Director of National Intelligence, made a detailed intelligence briefing to Congress about the Iranian’s fast progress towards nuclear weaponry.

Daniel Coats did not bash Obama’s treasonous deal, as he knows we cannot turn back time to prevent the deal, so he just discussed the UTTER DANGER we are heading towards — ALERTING CONGRESS & HOPEFULLY EVERYONE WHO IS HALF AWAKE ABOUT THE POTENTIAL SCORCHED EARTH, HELLACIOUS, NUCLEAR NIGHTMARE Upcoming.. Upcoming If We DO NOT QUIT Funding IRAN Like Obama Has SET IT UP ALONG WITH THE DEEP STATE. We know Trump is doing whatever the hell he can to LET IRAN KNOW HE IS IN CHARGE & Also TRYING To Undo this Iran Deal — WITHOUT CAUSING A MAJOR STRIKE BY IRAN ON ISRAEL OR ANOTHER U.S. ALLY. Trump is stuck between a total rock and a hard place. Trump’s also dealing with a propagandized left-wing MSM that keeps a MASSIVE AMOUNT (maybe majority) of the public ill-informed & brain dead. Trump is trying to lead us to a Utopic state, but the MSM is convincing brainwashed left-wingers and zombified Average Joes that the Dystopia upcoming is just fine and we should not let Trump steer us away. UNREAL, PEOPLE. GOOD GOD! WAKE UP! WAKE PEOPLE UP!

Daniel Coats also made this OBVIOUS STATEMENT at the briefing earlier this week.

“Iran provides arms, financing, and training, and manages as many as 10,000 Iraqi, Afghan, and Pakistani Shia fighters in Syria to support the Assad regime”,-Daniel Coats

Yeah, of course they are funding Assad-supporting Islamic jihadists. They’re using massive portions of money given to them by Obama and the U.S. gov’t to do so. So when we struck Syria’s airfield, it was like the U.S. gov’t struck themselves — as we struck the people we are helping through Iran financially. Of course Trump is not helping Iran or Syria or blah blah blah, but Obama and Bush and Hillary Clinton and all the other demon-possessed elite gov’t traitors have already empowered the Islamic jihadists. Trump’s trying to negate the effect to the best of his ability. (MOAB anyone? Good God. Without Trump, we’d be LEGITIMATELY ON THE PRECIPICE OF HELL’S GATES. Folks, if Hilldebeast won — NUKES WOULD BE FLYING RIGHT NOW or AT LEAST VERY SOON WITH A Cold War v.2 IN SESSION & The ISLAMIC JIHADISTS WOULD BE FUNDED MORE THAN EVER AS SHE WOULD CONTINUE HER AND OBAMA’s DEVILISH DEEDS. Thank God we have Trump, but we’re still in major, unprecedented danger. Our safety is fragile currently. And Trump’s team is trying to save the world literally, people. LITERALLY.

The Weekly Standard reported:

The remarks from Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats come as the Trump administration conducts a comprehensive review of its Iran policy.

Coats stressed that Iran’s suggested desire to preserve the deal has not stopped the country from engaging in malign activities, such as its support for the Assad regime. He detailed that support to lawmakers during a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on worldwide threats.

Later on in the very vague, but self-explanatory article — it mentioned:

The Trump administration has been considering expanding sanctions on IRGC-affiliated individuals and organizations, which number in the hundreds. After Iran conducted another ballistic missile test in February, the administration sanctioned 25 entities, some with links to the IRGC’s overseas arm, the Quds Force.

So folks, Trump’s Nat’l Intel Director Dan Coats may say (tongue-in-chief) that ‘Oh yeah, the Iran deal has temporarily prevented Iran from making progress in their nuclear program — but ya know, they are still launching satellites for the scope of range & conducting missile tests & launching missiles & threatening to eradicate Israel once they have their nukes set up’ .. but people, OBVIOUSLY Coats has to say ‘yeah, they are temporarily held up’ which is just a translation for ‘we are not sure if they are making progress or taking a pause because we never get to see the full program .. because we don’t know everything about it because Iran does not allow us much more than a glimpse here or there’ .. So folks, you can be a zombie and think that Iran is ‘temporarily’ stopped from progressing towards a nuclear weapon system — and live in that delusional fairytale land as they continue missile launches and their dirty, discrete inner-workings.. or you can realize Iran is OPENLY PROGRESSING TOWARDS NUKES. And the Iran Deal, championed by Obama (world’s most prominent Jihadist / and extreme terrorist-funder), is nothing more than some paper with fancy words & Obama’s Harvard lexicon that says Iran can’t do this — but besides what the paper says, the paper does not prevent Iran from progressing towards nukes & the paper with it’s fancy words does not prevent Iran from taking it and wiping every Mullah’s dirty a$$ with it & flushing it down a toilet. The Iran agreement is a big ass piece of paper with colorful lexicon & no weight behind it. The U.S. says there are consequences for Iran if they break the deal, but when they do it WE DON’T DO ANYTHING BESIDES — keep giving them a massive, gargantuan amount of cash because that’s what the deal set us up to do. Sick, sick, sick. Total lie and total scam. And it’s a death sentence for every human on EARTH, folks.


Dan Coats also mentioned that Russian hackers continue to be a “major threat” to the U.S. gov’t. Coats’ briefing said the Russian gov’t will keep trying to hack into US systems. Coats discussed China and their economic outlook, among other issues revolving them. Coats also discussed the historic beginning of a non-Castro regime at the beginning of 2018 — despite the fact it will remain an oppressive, dictatorial, communist state. Coats also noted that the Cuban gov’t is trying to handle their never-ending economic recession. Coats discussed Middle East problems, such as Afghanistan among other operations