Okay, so the headline is definitely goofy. But I am just so proud of Trump’s courage to stand in the midst of the neocons, Dems, warmongering elites — and still punch them upside the head. I mean, folks. Killing TPP was a ballsy thing to do. Globalists and the deep state will kill a president if they get too wild & too pro Americana. Trump calling out Jeb Bush and his corrupt, evil, twisted family (remember when Bush Sr gave Trump the cutthroat signal?!) for the 9/11 attack & the insane Iraq Invasion. Trump totally taking a battering ram and throwing it against the globalist elite, over-and-over. It takes balls for him to do what he is doing. Telling the truth about Obummer & HELLary KKKlinton funding the world’s most retrograde vermin aka ISIS. Calling out Billy the Rapist for his sadistic sexual assaults & speaking out against NAFTA (as a private citizen & a public official). Trump going out and telling it like it is. How does he know the core of the truth? Because he is heavily involved with real patriots like General Mike Flynn, who tried to convince Obama to turn back from his evil ways — but when failed, he came out and EXPOSED Obama’s Islamic funding tactics. Trump is involved with REAL, PATRIOTIC, CONSTITUTION-LOVING Americans my peeps!

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So what I’m trying to state is that Trump taking a sledgehammer to Comey’s soiled career & finally throwing him in the deep frier was long overdue — but only someone like Trump would look the establishment in the face & see the evil, sadistic, cold look in their globalist eyes .. and then tell them to pack their bags ‘cuz YOU’RE FIRED asshole! Trump is a leader, who is informed and accurate when he speaks about the world’s issues. And he’s not afraid to tell the truth when he knows it is the truth. And he just exterminated a Clinton-enslaved goblin, James Comey. And now Comey, who arrogantly assumed it was a joke when he was told he got fired (asshat), made a public outing with his wife to see a play.

I’m sure The White House is a ‘Fun Home’ without cucks like Comey up in it. Ba-dum-tsss.

The musical’s producer told The NY Times that Comey and his wife seemed to be “emotionally affected” by the show. The musical’s producer really seemed giddy as a pig in slop to see a cowardly corrupt goblin like Comey at the show.

Former FBI Director — ahem, more accurately– former Clinton globalist operative cuckold / deep state tyrant James ‘Mega Crime Gets No Time If You’re Hillary’ Comey saw a musical or a play or whatever called “Fun Home” in D.C. yesterday.

Idiots like devil worshiper Chuck Schumer & senile Nancy ‘Is Bush still president?‘ Pelosi will claim it’s a tragedy to fire Comey (who they wanted fired a few months ago) .. and McCuck — ahem, McCain — will claim it is a shame that Comey got fired by Trump (but openly applaud sh*t like Bush’s Iraq War and get their pants wet when Trump even mentions potentially folding & launching missiles into Syria) .. but people like that are tyrannical, deep state-allied, corrupt, foreign gov’t-owned, anti-nationalist coward goblins. And establishment goblins support establishment goblins. Trump is an outsider and is LITERALLY like a ray of f**cking sunshine (his hair is like the sun) amidst the dark, gloomy, ghoulish swamp in D.C.

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So when the cancer gets burned out, expect the tumors to scream. When Comey gets his ClintonCuckedā„¢ ass kicked out by the Trumpinator, expect other ghouls like him to screech in agony. McCain, Lindsey Graham, Pelosi, Slimeball Schumer, the Clintons, the Bushes, etc will continue to moan when Trump sticks his boot up their globalist ass. Just let ’em go on CNN and whine. Let them go on NBC Today or Meet The Press w/ Sleepy Eyes Chucky and let them whine like women. Oops, that’s sexist. Let ’em whine like losers.

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