MSM outlets have released polling numbers which display an overall disapproval of Comey’s termination by President Trump.

But according to SocialFlow, a social media research company, found that Facebook did not have a massive flow of negative posts concerning Trump’s decision to fire Comey.

Here’s the report:

Despite the wall-to-wall media coverage, most Americans — according to Facebook interactions — cared less about James Comey being fired than other big moments so far in the Trump administration. SocialFlow evaluated the Facebook reach of articles on major flashpoints by more than 300 news organizations within a few days of the event. Here’s what they found:


The MSM polls do not coincide with this data observation provided by SocialFlow. Now this does not fully debunk the Trump-Comey MSM polls, but as we saw leading up to the election — the MSM polls are not very accurate. Many MSM polls were exposed to be biased.

President Trump called out the biased, left-wing MSM polls back in February — which hysterically claimed he was the ‘most unpopular president ever’

As we know, Democrats have caused an uproar over Comey’s termination — many claiming Trump fired him to prevent the Russian investigation (total hoax as we all know — Hillary is the one connected to Russia, among other foreign gov’ts).

What’s truly the most pathetic aspect of the Dems’ response is that they were calling for his termination just a few months ago. They claimed Comey costed Hillary the election (even though he’s a total establishment Clinton shill who soiled his reputation by allowing Hillary’s mega-crimes to go unpunished)


Hillary’s serial rapist of a husband Bill even radically claimed Comey cost his evil wife the election.

As you see, instead of thanking Comey for not throwing her in the slammer, she condemned him! Instead of admitting that she lost due to her lies, corruption, deceit, evil deeds, and insults — she claimed that Comey is the reason! WTF?!

On a sidenote, when globalist puppet Macron won the French election — she claimed it was a win for ‘democracy’ (due to reports that Russia attempted to meddle). What a total hypocrite. She openly stole the election from Bernie Sanders, got caught, and didn’t apologize. She is the one who corrupted democracy, now she claims to be an advocate of it? Lock this witch up, please!