President Donald Trump is finding his groove again, folks. Refusing to deploy ground troops for another globalist, crooked war. Refusing to put up with a Clinton shill like James Cuck Comey. Refusing to listen to warmongers like McMaster.

Throwing out his based #TrumpLove to his former Nat’l Security Advisor Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn (who was excised by a deep state smear attack). President Trump is no emperor (or is he?), but he’s got a new groove. And there are a few bombshell, over-the-top reports claiming that the Nov. 8th electoral landslide map has been seen around Trump’s White House corridors a few times. And it may be getting an official spot on the wall.

TheHill report:

President Trump is planning on hanging a map displaying his 2016 Electoral College victory in the White House, according to a report.

One America News Network White House reporter spotted the framed map being carried through the White House by a Trump staffer.

“Spotted: A map to be hung somewhere in the West Wing,” the reporter tweeted.

Trump has often brought up his election victory over Hillary Clinton in the months since he took office. In April, the Washington Post’s White House bureau chief reported that Trump had asked the Post to run the election map on the front page of their newspaper.

Days before, Trump interrupted another interview with a Reuters reporter to pass out copies of the map showing his victory.

They told The Don he couldn’t. And he did. He won in a big-ass f**kin’ landslide, aye mate. And Hillary tried her hardest to use illegal alien invaders to get her illegally elected, and she tried to steal it like she stole the Democratic Party nomination. Well, she could steal the win from the crazy gangrape-fetish boy Bernstein Sandypants, but she failed to Stump the D. Trump.

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