Legendary college basketball coach Bobby Knight appeared on Watter’s World last night to chat with host Jesse Watters. And boy-oh-boy, the former Indiana University head coach had A LOT to say. And he pulled NO PUNCHES!

As you just witnessed in the EPIC CLIP above, Bobby Knight assured the American people that you will not see the same type of “bullsh*t” during President Trump’s administration that was seen in former president Hussein’s presidency.

“That last administration played more golf than it did working for the American public,” Knight told host Jesse Waters. “That was one thing, the past administration left four American men to die in that Benghazi situation and it goes on, on, and on with things like that. I will guarantee you one thing. There isn’t going to be that kind of bullshit in a Donald Trump administration.”

Someone call Babies-R-Us, Obama just SHIT HIS DIAPER!

And as you see in the explosive video above, Bobby Knight said the same thing back on the campaign trail!