James Comey was the FBI Director until President Trump had enough just a few days ago.

Comey told Trump he was not under investigation for Russian connections. Total lie.

Former FBI head James Comey is notorious for letting mega criminal Hillary Clinton off the hook.. Twice.

I first thought Comey was threatened by the Clintons, which is why he did not indict her for her evil deeds. But actually, Comey is just apart of the corrupt establishment.

President Trump tweeted out that Comey “better hope” Trump does not release “tapes of our conversations” .. As Trump mentions in the tweet, he believes Comey will leak to the press (as he already has been along with the rest of the deep state)

President Trump also called Comey a “grandstander” & a “showboat” in his interview with NBC. Trump then trolled longtime critic Rosie O’Donnell. As we know she wanted Comey fired back when the Dems blamed him for Hillary’s loss.

Now it seems like Trump may pursue a Hillary prosecution. It’d be dangerous if he did. Hillary is one of the biggest parts of the establishment and if Trump tries to jail her, he might just get assassinated by a rogue CIA.