We know that the new French President Emanuel Macron has an offshore bank account which shows he dodges taxes (unlike U.S. President D. Trump). But now it looks like he’s cheating in a different way. An Arabian Frenchman has proof of election fraud. YOU WON’T BELIEVE THIS. Totally Sick!



An image posted after Sunday’s French presidential election shows ruined Marine Le Pen ballots, as well as another video that shows an Arab man appearing to steal Le Pen ballots from a polling station.

The video shows the man swiping a pile of Marine Le Pen ballots from a polling station in Le Blanc-Mesnil, northeast Paris, before they are subsequently seen discarded on the street outside as the man and his friends shout “F**k Front National!” in celebration.

It is unclear whether the ballots had been counted or why the man was allowed by election officials to remove them.

Watch the video of stolen LePen ballots at this link