O’Reilly has made some statements over the years I’ve disagreed with. Heck, he’s made lots of them! But despite his neocon tendencies, O’Reilly knew how to take on the liberal media’s total bias. O’Reilly used “The No Spin Zone” for years to counter liberal MSM false narratives. Despite lawsuits, O’Reilly is currently innocent of all allegations made against him. Does that mean he didn’t bully some women over the years because they refused his advances? Maybe he did and maybe he didn’t. If that’s something O’Reilly seriously did, then he’s a real jerk. But nevertheless, he is no longer on Fox News due to LIBERAL MSM ATTACKS. The MSM got O’Reilly for unproven accusations. And if he did anything wrong, then it was this:

  • Got refused sex after a lotta flirtation
  • Instead of respecting woman’s decision to deny sex, he immaturely gets upset
  • Therefore leading to woman being demoted by Fox News execs who love O’Reilly and protect him internally

O’Reilly’s bullying of women (who denied sex) is a horrible thing if true, and is grounds for termination. If not true, as many O’Reilly supporters say so .. then it’s too late for Fox News now.

So O’REILLY is axed by Fox News due to UNSUBSTANTIATED RUMORS.. And MSNBC counterterrorism expert Malcolm Nance is still freely roaming despite VICIOUS THREAT.


O’Reilly cleared of sexual misconduct charges, MSM attacks him until Fox News fired him.

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MSNBC’s Malcolm Nance openly calls for ISIS to suicide bomb Trump Tower. MSNBC does not issue a statement & Nance has not apologized. MSNBC and Nance have not been attacked by other MSM. DO YOU SEE THE BIAS?!