President Obama did nothing for Chicago’s at-risk youth for the entire 8 years of his presidency. The people of Chicago could not believe how Obama abandoned them. Many Chicagoans claimed he was the worst president ever. Throughout the entire Obama presidency, Chicago was a hellhole & was basically the murder capital of the U.S. In one year, more civilians were killed in Chitown than U.S. troops in Afghanistan. That is how bad it was under Obama, and now Trump is doing what he can to fix it.

President Trump is basically a custodian, because all he does is clean up Obama’s messes all day! 

Former Chicago-based politician — all the way to becoming the first black president.. There was no one who could relate more to troubled black kids in Chicago than Obama! And yet he totally ignored them & let their city rot!

Earlier Sunday, former president Obama met with at-risk youth from the Chicago Create Real Economic Destiny organization.

CRED spokesman Kevin Lewis says Obama listened to young men’s stories & related to them with his own experiences as well.

“[Obama] was optimistic about their potential to positively contribute to their communities and support their families because of the services provided in the program”-CRED spokesman Kevin Lewis

CRED was founded by Obama’s former education secretary Arne Duncan. Duncan also attended the meeting. According to CRED spokesman Kevin Lewis, Barack & Michelle will keep “working with similar organizations through the Obama Foundation & the My Brother’s Keeper initiative” to help Chicago neighborhoods.

CRED spokesman Kevin Lewis really believes Obama is committed to expanding opporitunities for Chicago youth. Sadly, I think he’s in over his head.. We saw Obama totally neglect Chicago’s problems for 8 years. All Obama did was make things worse for Chicago & black people in general

Obama’s first public speech since leaving office will occur tomorrow at the University of Chicago, in an address to young community leaders & organizers.