Socialist Bernie Sanders may have just bought a $600,000 dollar summer house, making it his third residence, but he still says billionaires are too greedy .. calling them out for the “yachts” and “cars” they purchase!

Come on Bernie. How many private jet flights do you need to take? Fly coach. You can’t have it all, bro.

Come on Bernie. Give up the lakefront house you dropped a BOMBSHELL 600 THOUSAND on. We know you’ve got money, big playa. But you can’t have it all. Three houses is too many. Please revert to your one house. Or better yet, give your house away to a homeless guy and go live in his box. That’s how you really stop the greed in capitalist America!

Tell ’em, Anna. This is the U.S.A. & if Bernie wants that ‘radical change’ so we can be the next socialist nightmare, then I suggest he leaves for Venezuela. We don’t want the U-S-A. to go to H-E-L-L!

Bernie is such a weird little beta. Who is the guy that wrote about women fantasizing gang rape?! Said white people have no idea what it’s like to be poor?! Went to a Nicaragua anti-U.S./pro-socialism rally in 1985?! IS A LAZY NUTCASE WHO BELIEVES THE RICHEST PEOPLE SHOULD GIVE YOU THEIR MONEY FOR NO REASON?! Yes, this is Bernie Sanders!

Bernie wants you weak & lazy (like him), so you can rely on the gov’t for everything and possess no self-esteem. Trump wants you rich & empowered, so he fights to install JOBS in America (especially urban cities) and for lower taxes, therefore you can have the freedom to earn your pay and not have to give up so much of it to taxes.

Trump is working to cut taxes right now. Trump knows that lower taxes allows you to keep more of your earned paycheck. Trump is a big time billionaire — and boy-oh-boy, did he have to pay some fat annual tax OR WHAT?!


In America aka the land of the free, we now have popular gov’t people telling us that we did not build our business .. telling us we can’t have more than one yacht .. telling us we don’t know what it’s like to face financial woes if we happen to be born with white skin .. WOW!