The liberal MSM is always trying to magnify the tiniest thing and make it into a negative story for the Trump cabinet. This time they went off on Attorney General Jeff Sessions for referring to Hawaii as “an island in the Pacific” instead of just calling it a U.S. state. But when you put his comment in context, it makes sense.

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AG Sessions made the comment on The Mark Levin Show last week…

After a Hawaii judge blocked Trump’s 2nd immigration ban order, AG Sessions expressed shock about how a judge “sitting on an island in the Pacific” could control who enters the 48 states it’s over 2,000 miles off coast from.

His remark was not a big deal and people need to get over it. A bunch of sensitive pansies in our country these days.

Dear “Senator” Lieu (D-CA) get your head outta your a$$ & realize Sessions is the opposite of racist. Senator Ted Lieu.. That’s the real Lyin’ Ted!

Sessions’ remark was not a big deal, but it has a valid point. Why does some judge in a state (that will be basically unaffected by the 6 Muslim country ban) get to halt Trump’s travel ban? Hawaii is out in the Pacific ocean, away from the main homeland. So why can a Hawaiian judge choose who goes in and out of those 48 states? IT’S UTTERLY RIDICULOUS!

Jeff Sessions made it clear his comment was not a criticism of Hawaii (obviously), and that he was just making a valid point about the irrationality of a Hawaiian judge deciding the safety of people 2,000 miles away from him.