BOMBSHELL. Inside sources have confirmed to me, personally, that Pres. Trump speaks with Gen. Flynn on weekly basis (in private).

Folks, I have just received MAJOR NEWS that can reassure us all about the intel Trump is receiving. Despite the neocon establishment/globalist elite taking down former Trump nat’l security advisor Gen. Flynn (due to the fact he EXPOSED Obama as a radical Muslim Jihadist), Trump has managed to still stay in contact with him “at least 3 times a week” according to 4 high level D.C. insiders.

My sources are former US Navy member (who lived on nearest military base to D.C. for years & made connections with top officials to receive establishment info), current federal agency worker (can’t say which one, but he works at gov’t building in D.C.), and a D.C. investigative journalist (who has skyped me to prove his sources’ legitimacy). All of those sources confirmed to me that Flynn & Trump are having ‘off the record’ discussions a few times a week.

According to my sources, Sec. Service patriots are allowing Trump to get ‘off the grid’ from gov’t surveillance & use ‘throwaway phones’ on a weekly basis to exchange info with Gen. Flynn.


“Flynn knows that the establishment is trying to make Trump compromise. Flynn sees Sessions attack Assange and Flynn sees the Syrian airstrike ordeal .. Flynn is not going off on Trump for his missteps, but instead providing Trump with accurate info, in which the neocons are not giving Trump themselves”

-unidentified former Navy Sailor & inside expert

I also had a Skype session with an anonymous freelance D.C. journalist (I am not allowed to reveal his name, but he does work for multiple news outlets), who revealed to me proof that his inside sources are real (via their gov’t ID cards, emails received from federal agency accounts, exact names of his sources with contact info, etc) and then went onto inform me with the intel about Gen. Flynn-Trump talks.

“No one knows every single thing that Flynn and Trump are discussing. Because these are off-the-grid chats that they’re having in limited times throughout the week”-unidentified D.C. journalist


Flynn and Trump having regular chats on uncontrolled cellular devices. Secret Servicemen are apparently allowing Trump to use throwaway devices in his short chats with Flynn. I’m told some service officials were sketchy at first but allowed Trump to chat with Flynn [without gov’t surveillance] as long as he put call on speaker. Apparently Trump no longer is asked to put Flynn chats on speaker phone, because service detail trust Trump’s judgment [and know he isn’t a traitor]”

-U.S. Federal Dept Employee (in email to journalist)

*note: other resources of intel were provided through email (such as text screenshots, audio feeds, links to private Chat Forums where gov’t insiders/employees discuss certain info they’re told by confirmed witnesses, etc)

I’m told that these Gen. Flynn-President Trump discussions are “very brief” & “usually rushed by Secret Service” because they “don’t want the president to get in trouble over phone calls with a military expert”..  Trump could get in trouble by corrupt elite establishment due to his refusal to allow gov’t elite/deep state oversight.

Flynn stepped down because Obama shadow gov’t was bloodthirsty for vengeance. Flynn knew that if he didn’t step down soon, they’d eventually have him killed.

Flynn and Trump discuss the Syrian situation a lot during their calls, in which Flynn told Trump ‘Syrian airstrike was iffy choice’ due to ‘ISIS militants benefitting from certain aspects of airbase destruction’ .. Trump countered by saying military commanders reassured him that ‘ISIS would not benefit excessively’ and that such claims ‘are unverifiable due to ISIS unpredictability in region’ .. Flynn agreed to an extent but kindly told his friend Trump that he’s ‘a little strained’ about the possibility military commanders ‘twist small details of intelligencia’ so you’ll ponder ‘striking Syrian assets’.

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In their most recent call, Flynn told Trump that he agrees ‘Assad is f**ked up in the head’ & apparently stated “even Vladimir [Putin] can’t stand Assad’s illiteracy and genocides” .. Flynn and Trump also discussed U.S.-Russia relations after Syrian airstrikes. Trump said “we can’t work with Putin if he stands with Iran and Assad”, to which Flynn “wholeheartedly agreed” .. Flynn noted “I never have been against toppling Assad’s regime” but “I’ve always opposed the strategies” proposed by “Obama, CIA, and NATO bureaucrats” because they were “openly dandy” about funding ISIS & helping them to take down Assad.

So Trump and Flynn generally discuss how he can handle Syria without emboldening ISIS, how he can resist potential boots on the ground in Syria — while saving Syrian civilians’ lives from Assad, and the N. Korea issue. During these phone calls, Trump and Flynn exchange the top info about international war occurrences, which I’m told almost always “conjecturally match up”.. That’s a good sign Trump’s military commanders (such as Sec. Mattis) aren’t twisting the truth with Trump.

“Trump’s (Secret Service) protective detail know and understand that Flynn is a patriot and not trying to screw over Trump.. Thus, they help the calls take place”

-Anonymous U.S. Federal Dept Worker

This is basically all I know about Flynn and Trump’s private calls right now. After seeing Flynn taken down by Deep State, it’s great to see Flynn still contacting his close friend Trump despite the MSM’s disgusting effort to divide the two (which worked up until the two began these ‘off the grid’ intel briefs).