Earlier today on ABC, California’s Democrat Attorney General Xavier Becerra, said that Trump’s border wall is a “medieval” idea. He then lied and said “Trump is reneging on his promise to have someone else (Mexico) pay” .. Not the case, Trump stated his intent to make Mexico pay just a couple of hours ago. As Trump has mentioned, there are many ways Mexico can be forced to pay for the wall. It’s not U.S. citizens fleeing to Mexico, it’s Mexican citizens fleeing to the U.S. Mexico should show respect as an ally and pay for the border wall. The wall would not be necessary if they didn’t trespass into the U.S. so much.


All the Dems can do is make up excuses and spew dumb, hateful rhetoric — while simultaneously failing to mention or come up with any solutions. They criticize Trump for his border wall plan (which works), but seek no other solution to the open border crisis. Why? Because illegal aliens vote Democrat.

WashingtonTimes says at least 800k illegals voted for Hillary. AT LEAST 800k. AT THE LEAST.

On another liberal MSM network, House Minority Leader Nancy Schumer (D-CA) stupidly claimed that strengthening the border security is “a sign of weakness”

Building a border wall to solidify our national sovereignty is the opposite of ‘weak’, Nancy. Taking control, fixing a damn problem, and getting sh*t done is called STRENGTH. Pelosi and the Dems are feeble puppets who utilize the liberal MSM to spread their ridiculous lies. LIKE REALLY? Who would ever take Pelosi serious? She’s sitting there telling you that a border wall is weak. WTF?!

“What is wrong with that scenario is the wall. He talks about how tall it is, who will pay for it, and all of the rest of that. You have to understand this part of the country there is a community with a border going through it. The president, I think, talking about this wall, is expressing a sign of weakness. He is saying I can’t control our borders, I have to build a wall. We would certainly like to — we have a responsibility to control our borders but building a wall is not an answer. Not here or anyplace.”

-House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)

Earlier today, Homeland Security head chief John Kelly said Trump is really working hard for the wall. Trump acted iffy in his AP interview on Friday .. but earlier today reinstated his intent to make Mexico pay for the border wall.