On American Airlines flight 591, a flight attendant aggressively wrestled away a stroller from a mother while she held her two babies. When he roughly yanked the stroller away, the flight attendant ‘struck the woman and almost hit the baby’ according to witnesses.

The stroller was not allowed to be on board, but despite the woman knowing this — she did her best to stop the airline from taking it.


“The woman knows not to bring the stroller on a plane, she refused to let it go —she was shouting, so she is also at fault in my opinion”

-Tom Watson, flight 591 passenger

One passenger asked attendants for the name of the flight attendant that took her stroller. The passenger was white-knighting and visibly livid.


Once the white knight passenger found the flight attendant, he said “You do that to me and I’ll knock you flat,” [referencing how the attendant apparently wacked the woman]

“TRY IT. Hit me. You don’t what the story is,” the flight attendant boldly said. Of course the white knight was not very tough because he didn’t escalate the situation any further.

American Airlines issued an apologetic statement about the incident. American Airlines eventually awarded the woman and her babies with first-class seats on another flight. At least she wasn’t on United, they would have just dragged her out like a bag of trash!