If you didn’t know it by now, The New York Times is totally out to get Trump. The NYT has called Trump a rapist, despite knowing it’s untrue. They’ve lied about what his ex-girlfriend Brewer Lane said about him. They ditched all ethics & ignored all truths in their depraved pursuit to takedown Trump. And they continue to do it now .. in the most petulant ways possible.

The New England Patriots visited The White House in commemoration of their Super Bowl 2017 win. Many Pats players sat out of the trip, but Trump and the Pats made the most of it anyways. The NYT sent this image out, trying to embarrass President Trump.

It’s not a shock to see The NYT go after Trump for such a petty thing, but it’s even more sad when you realize how deceptive it is. The Patriots Twitter account called out The NYT for totally deceiving the public.

The reason why NYT’s tweet is so deceptive, is because the 40 member of the Patriots’ staff were on the lawn and not on the stairs like they were in 2015. Reportedly, when you add up all the players plus staff in the 2015 visit and do the same in the 2017 visit, the delegation of Patriots members are roughly the same. The major difference is that 50 Pats players came out for Obama, and only 34 came out for Trump. If the Pats staff posed on the stairs for the 2017 visit — then the 2015 & 2017 visit pics would not look much different. Sure, Obama would have more players behind him but it would not be embarrassing for Trump.

The NYT made it seem like barely anyone showed up for him, when most of the roster showed up– including extra staff personnel to make up for the players who skipped out. NYT tried to make it look gloomy but Patriots all-star Robert Gronkowski seemed to be having a blast.

If the same amount of staff posed with Trump on the stairs as they did with Obama, Obama would still have a bigger amount behind him — but it would not look so bad. The NYT purposefully exploited the situation, knowing it was unfair due to the staff personnel sitting on the lawn this go around.

Shame on you, NY Times. You are truly an unethical organization. We’re sick of your propaganda & all of you slimeballs can go to hell! You are a despicable news outlet! GO TO HELL, NY Times!