The femi-nazis are out and about. Well, based off of this group they appear to be confused meth-heads.


I mean look at this guy on the left! HOLY COW. Slouched over, vapid facial expression, totally demoralized. He’s like 70 and he’s out disrupting a town hall with a PUSSYHAT on his head. Wtf, man?! What do your kids think of this?

Rep. Jack Bergman’s (R-MI) Thursday evening town hall was about to begin, but first a pastor got up to lead a prayer. But then left-wing activists interrupted by yelling “Separation of church and state!” and disrupted the invocation. The activists were spread across the room, and as you can tell — some were even wearing the infamous pussyhats.

Separation of church and state?! How about separation of self and dignity? Most of y’all are adults. And some of y’all should be in a retirement home. A bunch of goofy adults. And senile, old geezers out here with pussyhats on your f**king heads. GET OUTTA HERE, FREAKS!

Rep. Bergman’s comms-director Farahn Morgan said she was surprised that after all the hullabaloo the protesters caused, that they refused “to engage in dialogue after months of demanding there be a dialogue.” She also added that the display was “upsetting for the constituents who attended  and really wanted to participate in a dialogue and hear what the congressman thinks and share their thoughts with him in a constructive way”


Good gosh. I know feminists are never attractive but these 3 are rough. AS ROUGH AS YOU CAN GET. Old geezers who look like they just crawled out from under some rock. I mean this guy on the left .. with the disgustingly long beard. He literally looks like he never got laid. I mean if you’re as old as him, and you’re really rolling around with those 2 fat chicks while wearing a pussyhat on your head, then you really got brainwashed young. I mean seriously, this guy looks like he’s just so confused. I kinda feel bad in all honesty.

According to Morgan, Rep. Bergman kinda felt “disappointed” about the classless display. He really looked forward to a constructive event, to discuss ideas and converse with everyone, regardless what political party they belong to.

Apparently, many Democrats who showed up were embarrassed by the display.

“A lot of Democrats approached us tonight and said they were embarrassed and apologized. They said those activists did not represent them or what they are about. I thought that was an interesting dynamic.”

-Farahn Morgan (communications director, Rep. Bergman)

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