Venezuela President Maduro is losing his f’ing mind, people. The only clearheaded thing he’s done recently was when he kicked CNN off of the country’s airwaves due to #FakeNews he claimed the spread. Other than that decision to target CNN (which spews disinformation a lot), Maduro has been childishly stupid & careless about the decisions he makes.


The protests turned into violent riots quickly. Venezuelans were already rioting before the Trump donation became public. But when the $500k donation did come out, it just made tempers flare more. OBVIOUSLY. We’ve seen numerous Venezuelan civilian deaths (example: these 3 saddening cases) lately as the protests get more violent.

I truly appreciate the fact that the Venezuelan government chipped in such a great amount of cash to help #MAGA. They gave us half-a-million dollars & it went to a great cause. It went to a HISTORIC EVENT, as my tweet mentions above. Now why did they do so? Good question. Was it a maneuver by Venezuelan President Maduro to try and score brownie points with POTUS? Hmmm. DUH.

Venezuela President Monduro has said some nice things about Trump, and then outta f’ing nowhere he’ll act like that weird uncle at the family BBQ and just start saying off-the-wall, wacked out bullsh*t! But as of lately, he’s held back any hostile language when discussing the U.S.

Regime change in Venezuela is of course being discussed, but we are very far out from any type of physical intervention. As of right now, sanctions seem to be distant as well. Trump did slap down sanctions due to Maduro’s corrupt counterpart, but that’s all currently.

Global manufacturing giant GM was totally screwed by Manduro’s illegal extortion. GM corporate leadership is obviously enraged by this treachery, but the Maduro regime has not issued a statement on their autocratic siege of GM’s plant.

The Venezuelan protests are totally going into anarchist mode. Venezuela’s society is on a highway to hell. Literally.

More and more civilian deaths tally up as Venezuelans continue to protest.

Venezuela’s Maduro is a total tyrant. Moves such as successfully banning Henrique Capriles from politics just puts an even bigger target on his head. The Maduro regime is spiraling out of control. There’s no good ending for Maduro.

Just about 10 days ago on April 11th, Maduro was the target of large objects and projectiles being thrown at him from the crowd during a Venezuelan military parade. Venezuela’s police state moved quickly to arrest anyone suspected of throwing the “sharp objects” at Venezuelan President Maduro.

We’ve seen Maduro’s relentless opposition to free speech when it’s critical of him. It’s pretty sick. We’ve seen Maduro have Venezuela politicians arrested by his crony police state just because they oppose his policies and corruption.

As things get worse for Maduro, he’s recently said more positive statements about U.S. President Trump. Maduro, who labeled Trump a “bandit” in 2015 & once labeled him a white supremacist, really kissed Trump’s a$$ last month. A top political analyst claims Maduro’s softer rhetoric towards Trump is out of fear he’ll lose any type of potential support.

When President Trump called for Venezeula to release major Maduro rival from prison (as he was wrongfully locked up due to criticizing Maduro), Maduro did not respond with hostility but instead begged Trump to ‘open his eyes’ & ‘don’t be manipulated’ or ‘led’ into ‘failed regime change policies’ towards Venezuela. According to political analysts, it seems as if Maduro is reframing from furious rhetoric towards Trump because he believes he could earn Trump’s understanding.



So what can Venezuelan citizens do? What’s next in this gov’t nightmare tragedy story? As of right now, all citizens can do is continue engage themselves in DESPERATE MASS PROTESTS & try to hold strong against Maduro’s shamelessly fascist response against their free speech.

Regime change is being discussed obviously, but with all the MAJOR ISSUES across the globe — Venezuela is not at the top of Trump’s global priorities. For now it seems like Venezuela’s corrupt state will continue to drive it’s kidnapped, impoverished society down the dark road of despotism as they continue to go further and further down the dystopic rabbit hole of Venezuela.

For now, no rush to action seems in the book for U.S. Sec. of State Rex Tillerson did reassure the Venezuelan people that they are concerned and working with allies to discuss potential approaches in stopping the abusive despotism being hammered down by Maduro.

Venezuelan government-owned CITGO got busted with their big donation to Trump’s swearing in ceremony.

CITGO Petroleum’s record showed that they donated $500,000 to the Trump inauguration fund. The FEC released all info on who donated to Trump’s inauguration, so the American public could have insight on the groups interested in Trump’s presidency. CITGO’s $500k dollar donation was truly a nice gift from the Venezuelan gov’t, but it was obviously a ploy (in my opinion) by Maduro, to gain Trump’s trust.

Venezuela government-owned oil giant CITGO was one of the top corporate donors to Trump’s inauguration. Other notable corporate donors were JP Morgan, Chase, Exxon, etc.

Venezuela’s U.S.-based subsidiary CITGO Petroleum made the $500,000 donation through Bank Of America. (Fun Fact: BANK OF AMERICA corporation donated $1 million to Trump Inauguration Fund)