President Trump tweeted that the recent Islamic terror attack in Paris “will have a big effect” on French presidential election.

Le Pen is basically France’s Trump. They’re both anti-globalist & pro-Christian. Both nationalists. Both for extreme vetting.

Both attacked by the lying liberal establishment MSM. Le Pen and Trump are both great leaders in different ways. They get called white supremacists and racist and all of this bullsh*t. Sorry, but being a nationalist who doesn’t want to see their country given to 3rd World Scum does not make me a bad person .. and I do not care what the MSM says! Screw the #FakeNews Liberal MSM!

Le Pen and Trump would make fantastic allies. If Le Pen wins, it’ll be a gut punch to globalism. And it could be the final nail in the EU’s coffin.

Le Pen called for any & all terror suspects to be immediately kicked out of France.

Brexit win. Trump win. Oh, boy! A Le Pen win would really put globalism on it’s ass! Can you imagine how great it’d be to see President Trump & President Le Pen doing a joint presser together someday? Let’s make that happen, please! And just like Trump, Le Pen has been slandered as a ‘Russian spy’ due to her nationalist policies. ABSOLUTELY CRAZY!

Well, we shall see if the French people choose to withdraw themselves from the control system that the globalist eugenic maniacs have them in. I mean these people are Islamic terror-funders. Then they open the EU borders and flood the west with Jihadists! And if you aren’t a fan of it, then get over it! THAT’S HOW EVIL THESE PEOPLE ARE. Satanic elite.