The NY Times report on the release of Aya Hijazi totally gets it wrong.

JewYORKtimez.JPGAs you see, NYT wanted to make it seem like Egypt just gave up Aya and the 5 other aid workers. When in fact, President Trump quietly negotiated with Egypt & eventually got her release.

The headline undermines Trump’s negotiating abilities as it simply says she was ‘freed by Egypt’ .. The most accurate headline would be ‘Trump welcomes American aid worker, after successfully negotiating her release, to the White House’

The NYT wants to undermine Trump as much as possible. Despite their inaccurate headline, in the first sentence NYT quietly and quickly admits that Trump was the one to get her out.


After NYT’s blaring headline purposely omits fact that Trump was heavily involved, they then plug it in the article.

Later in the article, NYT cynically states that “Mr. Trump’s administration swiftly claimed credit for working behind the scenes to free Ms. Hijazi and other aid workers,” as if there’s an argument against the fact Trump negotiated for her release. There is no argument. That’s what happened. But for whatever reason, the hateful freaks at NYT want to distort the truth.


NYT’s article has other cynical statements throughout it, hinting that they don’t believe Trump did anything grand. Even though he did, because he saved her damn life! You can read the NYT’s cynical misrepresentation of the Trump-Aya story here.

Everyone knows that the MSM is biased against Trump. The problem is they claim to be neutral, and that’s what tricks people.